A Word of Advice

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

“ To those who have goals in life, ….congratulations you have an idea of where you are going!” stated the unknown character “ This in fact shows the simplest option in gaining anything in life, but guess what  it doesn't go as planned. Yeah, I had those dreams or thoughts, well it doesn’t matter, the point is you don’t really have to be brainwashed by that group called “society” in order to achieve something.” gets interrupted but doesn’t hear. “Um…… sir” a unfamiliar voice heard in the background. “I mean you already have achieved something, you can walk on two feet great not every organism can do that, you’r a complex human being that is reading and understanding this. ( Not everyone can read ) so be proud of who you are.” expresses unknown character. “ Who’s he talking to?” questions the unfamiliar voice. Ignoring the unfamiliar voice, unknown character continues with passion, “ Who? Who? The name is Einstine, and no not Albert Einstein, just plain Einstine also I’m not not good at math, yet I am an engineer.” exclaims Einstine “ The thing is that you never know what you want to do in life because despite been an engineer here I am applying for  an english teaching job in a foreign country.” finishes Einstine. “That’s a lovely story and all buuuttt you're holding the line holding the line, pick one already, small, medium, or large?” responds the unfamiliar voice. “ A word of advice, nothing always goes the way you want it to go, make your own decisions. Also, I would like medium. No wait small, nah I’ll take large……. Awwww the decisions of life”

The author's comments:

It is a type of sarcasm about the decisions made in life.

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