Peer Pressure

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous

The most serious problem teens face today is peer pressure. Some teens feel like they have to do what they see others doing in order to be liked. Without even noticing it, teens start to lose themselves in the process of trying to follow what others do. There is also the direct peer pressure of drug use, alcohol use, sexual activity, stealing, etc. Most teens start doing these things because of the pressure of others telling them to try it out, then months later it becomes a habit that you can’t break. I don’t think people really take peer pressure as serious as they should. Your peers really have a great influence on your decisions when you’re trying to find your way in life. Before knowing yourself, you think those you hang around hang around have your best interest at heart and this soon proves itself untrue because even those who you’re following don’t know themselves. So you all are lost and trying to find yourselves but making bad decisions along the way because none of you truly know what’s right.


Peer pressure has even led to the suicide of some. When some feel unaccepted by their peers, they take it hard. This pressure causes some teens to feel isolated and not good enough so they take their lives. This is all because of peer pressure and it’s great influence on teens before they truly know themselves. Peer pressure is so popular and embedded negatively into this generation and we have to try our hardest to change this. If your friend is passing and you’re failing, you should feel pressured to do better, not to succumb to those saying it’s okay to fail. Peer pressure is all around teens today, but instead of taking it negatively we have to make a way to change it into positivity. Let’s stop being drowned in the negativity of peer pressure.

The author's comments:

Peer pressure plays a huge role in many of the things teens face today, so I've been inspired to write this to help pinpoint the cause of it. I hope teens will accept the role that peer pressure plays in their lives and decisions and chose to start using it for positivity in their lives instead of negativity. 

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