An Unethically Exclusive America

May 12, 2017
By EATNE BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
EATNE BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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The United States of America was created by the dirty hands of immigrants whose eyes glimmered with hope for a better life. The original Americans fled an oppressive government to create a free and welcoming land for everyone. The American title, rather than suiting immigrants seeking an escape from their meagre life, has been manipulated into essentially a birthright. At this moment the true Americans are the immigrants leaving a tragic life and finding opportunity on US soil, but now, more than ever, it is extremely hard to live that dream.

As you read this, there are immigrants who are in a similar situation as our nation's colonists were, and we've turned our backs on them. Millions of people are living in miserable conditions, and find it nearly or completely impossible to come to the US legally. These people choose to come to the US illegally because they either cannot trust their own government due to corruption, are not educated enough to know their rights and opportunities, or find a roadblock in one of infinite obstacles. If these people, who have been forced to come to the US illegally, survive the perilous and merciless journey to the US, they live here as undocumented immigrants, where their rights and protection of the law are often abused. In addition, undocumented immigrants in the US find it nearly impossible to become citizens because the paths to citizenship are few, rare, seldom-effective, and constantly riddled with loopholes. As a result, the immigrants who potently uphold the American ideals, find it nearly impossible to become a US citizen.

There are well over 11 million heart-wrenching, depressing, horrific, and frankly disgusting stories, all with the ambition to live in the US, yet very few of them have a happy ending. These immigrants are much more American than many of us, and it is not ethical to create a country as a hopeful residence for the oppressed and continue to provide a broken immigration system that forces them through these stories and practically denies their entry. As America slowly leaves behind its roots, Lady Liberty silently picks them up, and inertly speaks to the genuine Americans from the heart of our land, "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Lately, we've been putting America first, while we should be putting Americans first, and although I cannot reform the immigration system to suit my definition of an American, I can support and learn from immigrants and organizations who fight to defend the American soul.

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