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May 9, 2017
By , South Jordan, UT

Every day thousands of people fail in their lives. I believe that failing is one of the best things that can happen to you.

I have learned this, because I play ice hockey. This is not some lazy kind of sport like baseball or volleyball. If you want to be good at this you have to fail a lot. I mean, you don’t wear protective gear for no reason. One of my coaches once told me during practice: that if you're not falling you're not learning. It is possible to get good at something without failing, but to really progress you have to get out of your comfort zone and start failing. When I play hockey you are allowed to check or “hit” other people. To play as a good all around player you need to be able to hit people. This is probably the hardest thing for me because it is very scary to be hit or hit other people.

I never really realized how important failing is in life until I started ninth grade. I love to go to the skatepark and when you are there you have to fail otherwise you would not even be trying.

When I am there I miss tricks, crash, and fall down all the time. In school you do not know how to do a lot of things in math and science so you have will fail every time you try it unless you learn. Most of the time it only takes one time before you learn an important lesson. If you get caught drunk driving you can almost guarantee that you won’t ever do it again. That is how most people learned before school was around. Everyone tried different things and failed until they found the best way. Edison failed hundreds of times before he actually made a lightbulb. Think about how many times people failed when they were designing the first computers. Imagine the problem with the Samsung Note 7’s they were exploding, and something tells me that that won’t ever happen again. That is the reason parents punish their kids: because they will do it wrong the first time and they need to learn to do it right.


I have realized that when you fail it is a good opportunity to do the right thing in the future. Now whenever I fail I think to myself and say: “Now I know to do the right thing next time.” When I see someone who is a professional at what they do I realize how many hours of failing all of them do. I mean, look at Michael Jordan. He got cut from his high school basketball team because he wasn’t good enough. So he went out and he practiced and failed and missed shots and then he finally started make some. Then he started making more and more until he became, from failing, the best basketball player that has lived. He never would have had the drive to get that good if his coach had let him play on the team. Too many people these days are content with how they are because they lack the drive you get from failing.


In conclusion
I feel like failing is one of the best things that you can do.  Too many people are afraid of failing.  But I have realized that failing is good for you. That is what I believe.

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