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May 9, 2017
By tanny12 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
tanny12 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
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" If you give a poor man a fish, he will have food for one day. If you teach the man how to fish he will have food for a lifetime."

In my opinion, this generation is the worst. Technology has taken over us. Human society. Kids back in the day wanted to work. They didn't have anything to distract them. People didn't have the oppurtunity to use their phones and destroy someone else's life or unfortunately theirs. My mom always told me stories of her when she was a kid. There was one story she told me. She told me she walked several blocks with her friends down to the store to get ice cream. You're probably asking yourself, why are you telling me this? Why is this relevant? Notice how she didn't say that there was any adults with them. Her parents trusted society with their children. Can we say that now? Can we send our children out to walk down to the store without adults? You notice that some people bring around guns, knves, mass, or any other type of protection to protect themselves from the society. It was never like that back then. People shouldn't be scared of what is outside of their house. Or maybe inside of their house. We can change the way society works now only if you start making the difference. The difference could be helping out neighbors, being nice, smiling,volenteering for things, and just in general be a person that will do anything to help others. 

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