May 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Many people around the world don’t think twice about the materials around them and how not luxurious their lives really would be if they didn’t have them in their everyday lives. Imagine not having privacy when you need to relieve yourself. Imagine being assaulted or followed at any possible moment on your way to the bathroom. Imagine what your life would really be like if you, your neighbors, or your town would be like if we all didn’t have toilets. Where would you poop? Where would everyone around you put their waist? Back during the Renaissance people would keep buckets in their home and when it had gotten full they would empty the contents out of their windows and into the streets. That is the first example of many on how people can take the extremely useful invention of the toilet for granted.  Can you imagine that just walking down the street and at any moment being hit with feces or urine or even best of all both? Emptying your waist like that is beyond more than dangerous, you think that just the smell is bad, imagine the disease that can come from just your waist. A foreign third world country had heavy rainfall in 2012, and because of the facilities that they use to dispose of their waist their country suffered terribly. There was 17,638 reported cases and 786 deaths from just from the disease creating by not being able to properly dispose of your waist. The use of a toilet is beyond important although it still is limiting our clean drinking water supply. It is better than hundreds and hundreds of us dying in a very short amount of time.

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