Success Comes When You Be Yourself

April 14, 2017

People always say be yourself. And that's a cute thing to say but it can’t be serious right? That's when I thought until recently. I thought that I was too goofy and random and a bit nerdy. I would try to do what everyone else is doing and try to blend in. But that's no way to live. Sure no one hates you but that's because you're the color gray. No one hates the color grey but is it anyones favorite color? No…it's not. And i know that there's gonna be some smart guy reading this saying “My favorite color is gray”. No it's not. You're lying. Sure blending in the background works for a while but honestly who strives to be a background dancer (No smart guy, you don't). Everyone strives to be the star of the show and the color gray isn't a star. So what i've found is that if you really want to be the happiest you you can be you need to take off the grey hoodie and show people that awesome shirt from the band no one listens to. Peel back the layer of grey that blends in with the crowd and show people the real you. You'll put yourself in uncomfortable situations but that's how you grow. If you can be yourself sure you might get funny looks and maybe people will disagree with you but that won't matter for one big reason. If you're yourself people that see that and like how you act will become really close to you. Being gray you may have more friends but they won't be good friends. And that's only the social aspect of being yourself. As Phil Swift (spokesman for Flex Seal) would say “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!”

Being yourself also has academic advantages (at least in my experience). As i told you I’m kinda a nerd so if I’m curious about something in class I will shoot that hand up and ask as many questions as I want until i have satisfied my curiosity. This is beneficial to both me and my fellow peers  (that was a fancy sentence so it's mandatory to read it in a British accent). By asking lots of questions I am helping myself and my friends to better understand the content that the teacher it throwing at us. Instead of the teacher having to throw it and hope it sticks I'm standing there ready to catch it like the nerd I am, not worrying about if it people will think I care too much about something as stupid about the how biomass is transferred into ATP energy. Sorry if it bothers you but I would like to pass the class.

You will also find that when you are yourself you care less about things that usually stress you out and nothing says success like being able to get something done stress free. Because you're comfortable with who you are you get things done without caring what people think. This is all good but let me clear something up. No you shouldn't stress about what people think about you but that doesn't mean you should be disrespectful. Being yourself isn't just doing whatever you want, it's about knowing the good things about yourself (that may be different than other people) and building on them. Don't think you're flawless.

If you can find yourself feeling like nothing makes you nervous and that you can take on the world from any angle you choose, you have figured out how to be yourself. Maybe you pounce on a obstacle. Maybe you sneak up on it and attack when it least expects you. Take the world and make it yours. You don't let other people stress you out. You don't let people make your mind for you. You’re you and you're awesome.

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