Queue Jumpers and How to Deal with Them

March 28, 2017
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The moment you are capable of understanding English (or whatever your native language is), the same moment you are tossed into school, you are taught to behave and act civilized in society. Learn to greet and say goodbye, learn to say thank you, and most importantly a respect others. I grew up this way believing everybody did too!
Boy was I wrong!

It might be different somewhere else in the world but not freakin’ here I guess. It doesn’t matter where I go, people seem to always lose patience after a few minutes!

I was just walking around the streets one day, then I spotted a line waiting for some sort of food. Curiosity kicked in, forcing me to join the queue. After about ten minutes, everything was fine and I was in front of the line then all of the sudden, a random twenty year old dude just cut line in front of me! *Deep Breath*

I mean, there are people behind you too you know? How about you stop being a jerk for once in your lifetime?!
Sure, your kids might be in the car, or you might be a couple minutes late for work, but so is everyone in the same freakin’ line. One person might have something more important than your problem so don’t just jump into line thinking that you have all the privileges in the world. For those queue jumper who actually use their kids as an excuse, don’t use them like that. It’s shameful.

What made me even more mad is the fact that nobody even objected!

Now, I probably should’ve been the one to object since I was directly behind him but hey, he was much taller and fit than me! He is literally Muhammad Ali compared to me. He would’ve turned around and launch me into orbit! (Cough, not a coward, Cough)

Do you know those small signs that are put next to or painted on the floor that says: “Please queue here”? I hate to break it to you but they are utterly useless. Most people don’t even bother looking at the sign! According to a study, when a person cut line, there is only a 54% chance of the anyone objecting it, a 50/50 scenario! (Dachis) Why is this the case?

After some research, I understand that some people are afraid to speak in public. Therefore they don’t want to make a big fuss over a small deal.  They feel uncomfortable with the fact that the person who queue jumped might argue back (Cutting In Line).
Not only that, some people just doesn’t know how to deal with it or is doing it wrong. This in turn lets the queue jumper get away with it without any objection. If this is the case, I might as well show you guys how to deal with it if it ever happens to you.

First, stay calm. I know, I know. I just broke that rule like a few minutes ago, but in a real life situation, you should analyze the situation and check if the queue jumper actually meant it. In some situation, the person might have zero idea that they have cut in front of you! As Adam Dachis, a former high school students states from personal experience, “When you bring anger into the situation, don't expect things to work in your favor” (Dachis). Chances are, even though you might get your place back, people behind you are not going to be happy about it similar to Dachis when he accidently took out his anger on a guy that accidentally queue jump.

After making sure that the person wasn’t mistaken by asking simple questions like, “Excuse me, I think that you just cut in line.” You can then proceed of they flat out lie about the answer.

Afterwards, quickly ask some one behind/next to you to be your witness. “Hey, did you also see that guy cutting the line?” Is a great question to ask to make sure you have an ally. Now you can easily confront him since there is a witness right with you.

Another important thing to remember is act fast. Try to object as soon as possible because you’ll lose your chance if you don’t. The last thing you need is for queue jumper to get away smoothly because who knows, he could be back tomorrow to abuse more people.


In some places in the world, it is indeed true that certain nations might be more advanced in technology, military or just education. In some places, people can have better manners and respect to the overall community. But sometimes, a society isn’t perfect, there will always be some minor incidents that the government might not care about. That is where you come in. Don’t turn your back on some small problem just because it is none of your business or because you aren’t bothered. A line/queue is like a jerk filter, clearly showing and displaying the queue jumper according to Oliver Burkeman from the Guardian. Your job is to clean that filter, speak up, teach them a lesson and soon enough, there should be less people that would disturb and annoy your community.

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