Live in the Moment

March 28, 2017
By , Loveland, CO

It seems that more people are stressed about the future and life years from now than ever before. Worrying isn’t inherently bad but can be damaging, so learning to take a break from worry could be the solution to solving many problems that face us today. I have found it very apparent in teen and young adult circles that the future it the most worried about subject. Even in adult circles the future can still be scary. But what if we started living in the moment instead of living for tomorrow or living in the past. Yesterday was history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift. Learning to live in the moment is important I think because we can forget the important things in our life by looking to the future instead of appreciating the present. I remember one day I was walking to chemistry class and I saw further down the hall a girl being consoled by her friends. The girl had rivers of tears on either side of her face and my heart went out to her. I later found out that she had received her grade for a final test and she had gotten a A- on her test. To most of us an A- is excellent but I asked her why she was crying and I realized that she thought that because her grade was not an A she thought she was a failure. Why must we live with such stress and unrealistic goals that ultimately make us more unhappy than happy. It is wonderful to do your best in whatever you do. But at what mental and emotional strain level are you willing to put yourself through to feel like a success. 

How much do we over look worrying about college and thinking about what career we will want to peruse? So, let’s take the time to lets friends and family know how much we appreciate them and all they do. Let’s appreciate the flower that we walk by all the time, lets enjoy the summer breeze as it roles across the sweet grass. Taking time to do simple things can have major effects on our attitudes and how we look at the world around us. I feel if more people looked at the stress in their lives and analyzed it to see what they could cut out they would find that worrying about thing not in their control plays a huge roll in the stress that they feel. So, by cutting out non-rational and unwanted stress I think we would see a happier and more productive people. Living in the moment is more than dealing with stress as well. Living in the moment allow us to get more out of life and not letting it pass us by. So maybe instead of whipping out our phones every time we see a beautiful sun set or fall colors we take a step back and truly look at what about it makes us happy. Not everything need to be photographed and wouldn’t it be better to experience thing through our own every instead of a phone screen or movie. Not that I’m saying these things are bad but that we have lost our way in a sense that if we want to have adventure and fun like we see in movies and TV. We can but that requires us to live life and live in the moment instead of watching others live in their moment.

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