Fertilizing Farms

March 28, 2017
By , Sacramento, CA

Hundreds of homeless individuals and families roam the streets and alleyways of Sacramento daily. They pollute Sacramento’s roadsides and bridges with their potent smell and their mountains of hoarded trash, which ruins our city’s beautiful aesthetic. On top of uglifying Sacramento, homeless people are beggars as well. I mean cmon, nobody wants to grant the homeless with spare change, how else will we afford our supersized McDonald’s fries? We must come together and permanently remove the musty smelling camps stationed outside of our local Belair or mall, and cleanse the roads from the smelly, money-hungry camp residents. In order to do this, I propose we ship the homeless population off to fertilization farms to work until they earn enough funds to support themselves and/or their family.

Fertilization farms would be a new source of farming where homeless people’s waste would be utilized to produce fertilizer. Using human waste as fertilizer raises many safety concerns, but the EU and the European government have proven that this natural form of farming is not only safe, but it is efficient. For instance, recycling human sludge into our agriculture “diverts waste away from oceans and landfills and provides essential plant nutrients to the soil,” (Dring par. 2). The production of feces fertilizer is not only environmentally friendly, but it acts as a solution to the problem of the high percentage of  homeless people in the Sacramento area.

In Sacramento alone, approximately 2,659 people experience homelessness. The graph shown below demonstrates how the current whopping percentage of homeless people in Sacramento will decrease with the help of fertilization farms.


A large concern for this proposal is that not enough homeless people will agree to being herded into these farms. The public should not fret because homeless people will jump at this job opportunity! It is a mere dream for any average citizen to get a job paying more than the minimum wage, so what makes the people who have “telephone booth” marked as their phone number believe they will get a decent job (Shay par. 15)? The farms are easily an upgrade from their soggy cardboard boxes, and it is an occupation that is eagerly hiring all “applicants”, so no extra effort is required.

For the homeless individuals who are hard-headed enough to not take this incredible job opportunity, they will still work on these farms because it will be a requirement to partake in this occupation. The homeless would be paid minimum wage, $10.50, an hour, and will be obligated to work until they could prove that they are able to financially support themselves or their family. The entire process of creating and establishing farms will be tough, but in the end it will be worth it. Fertilization farms will be beneficial for the economy by providing jobs to homeless and non-homeless people, and it will finally detox our streets of the murky individuals that anchor themselves to roadsides.

The skyrocketing amount of homeless people in Sacramento proves how much the problem of homelessness is neglected. Yes, unemployment rates have decreased, but that does not mean that everyone magically has a job now. Newsflash, people are still constantly losing their homes because they got laid off, or because the job they do have barely pays enough. No one should be expecting to lose their job or their home. It is time to make jobs attainable for the homeless and improve our economy because debating on whether or not you should pay the rent or buy food is existing, not living.  So let’s do it! Our streets deserve to be polished from the homeless mess that the economy definitely did not create!

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