Bringing an End to Bullets and Batons

March 27, 2017
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Bullets, batons and excessive force are the leading factors of police brutality (Hauler). A fatal blow to the head. An officer tases a man multiple times to “restrain” him. A bullet through the heart of a seventeen year old boy who simply had a sweatshirt hood on his head. The primary factor that has led to police brutality is racial profiling. There has been multiple occasions, both in the past and the present, of people of color being murdered simply because of the color of their skin. The issue of the police brutality epidemic has left numerous families with tears and heartbreak while many “police officers” suffer the consequences with a slap on the wrist. Many cases in the past have proven that police officers who perform the crime never end up doing the time.


One example out of many would be the story of Timothy Thomas, the nineteen year old who was shot and killed by a police officer. The officer not only took Thomas’ life, but he followed him down an alley and opened fire because he thought Thomas was carrying a gun. At the end of the case, the officer who murdered Timothy Thomas, Officer Roach, was placed on paid administrative leave. Time and time again, these discriminatory killers are murdering another son, another daughter, another father, another mother. When will it end? In the year 2015 1,307 Americans had been killed by police officers (CopCrisis) and 97% of these cases resulted in the police officer or officers not being charged with a crime (Mapping Police Violence).


Since when did America let murderers roam free? Where is the justice that our land has promised us since the birth of our nation? A simplified answer is that in our current system, the right to justice depends on the color of your skin. Time after time, people of color are left with wounds both internally and externally because of the ridiculous ways of our justice system today. In the year of 2015, 30% of African American’s who were murdered by the police were unarmed compared to 19% of Caucasian victims (Mapping Police Violence).

People of color, especially blacks in America, are constantly being falsely accused simply because of the melanin in their skin. Sandra Bland was a victim. Trayvon Martin another. Paterson Brown. Each death resulting in no charges against the officer at fault. The story is the same for hundreds more blacks who were mistreated simply for the color of their skin (Mapping Police Violence). Unfortunately, the prominent outcome of racial profiling against blacks in America is death.


It has practically become a daily routine for many police officers to imagine a gun in a black man’s hand as he lay lifeless in the street. Clearly in American society, anybody with melanin in their skin or of a deeper complexion is a criminal. No questions asked. So in order to allow the justice system to rid the common practice of racial profiling, everyone must be required to wear full bodysuits made of spandex. These suits can be found from a children’s small to an adults 3XL! Not only are these suits made for all shapes and sizes, but they are made in every color in the rainbow. (Left)


Some may be thinking, “What happens to diversity and individuality?” The answer is: It will still exist even if people are wearing these bodysuits. An individual can choose to wear their favorite color, the color that represents their mood on a particular day, a color that they think will display their personality, etc. as long as the color is on the rainbow. A study from a college had shown that 60% of people wear outfits with colors that reflect their mood. Individuality still remains with the installment of full bodysuits. As for the question of diversity, everyone is in varying colors! Problem solved. One can see in the graph below that the problem of racial profiling simply disappears once these handy full body suits are put on. But it is also evident that when one chooses not to wear one of these suits, the issue of racial profiling remains at hand (and high levels, too.) Victims of racial profiling, do not become another statistic. Do not end up with a bullet through your chest or a bruise on your back from a baton. Investing in the Full Body Suit will save your life.


Harvard has created a bias test that let’s people become aware of their levels of bias for different types of people. For example it has questions on African Americans, homosexuals, varying stereotypes and questions regarding different skin tones. This test is called the Harvard Implicit Bias Test and many think that this test should be taken by police officers to eliminate any discriminatory officers who may execute racial profiling on the job (“Project Implicit”). But this test has proven to be a sham, since people are too scared to know if they are discriminatory or not.

It has become normalized for the blood on a police officer’s hands to appear as invisible to the justice system. As that blood is being wiped off with a warm towel before they tuck themselves into bed, a mother weeps herself to sleep due to the loss of her eighteen year old son. A daughter lays in bed wishing for the warmth her father’s hugs brought her. The racial profiling and brutality of the law enforcement system must become in accordance with our nation’s Constitution. If everyone had the freedom of religion, airports would not be stopping that woman during the TSA check simply because of her hijab. If a vast amount of the American population cannot depend on the people who serve to protect us, who can we depend on? We must count on ourselves for protection. It is clearly evident that to save and protect your own life you must hide who you really are.

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