Life Goals

March 14, 2017
By Rose34663789 SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
Rose34663789 SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
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What do people do with their lives? Some focus on charity, some focus on religion, some focus on accumulating money. What is money? Something we put a value on, something inherently worthless, which we exchange for other items. Some people focus their entire lives on making and keeping as much money as possible. But, what good is it? Eventually all of us will die, and we want to be remembered, as someone to look up to, a role model. What kind of role model just makes loads of money and ignores everything else? We put a value on lives, just like we put a value on currency. Lives aren't measured the same way, a human life isn't worth a certain number of dollars, but it has a value just the same. Some people's lives are worth more than others, according to some, not all people. Why do we value lives differently? Is the President's life worth more than yours? Is the Pope's live worth more than your neighbor's kid? Why is that? Whether we like it or not, we value lives differently, they aren't all priceless. Each life has a meaning, and each person has a goal to find their meaning. Whether that is found a charity, start a new business, or have a certain job, all people have goals, and a person's goals defines their life. Some people have chosen to try to become rich, and do what with the money? Spend it on themselves, donate it to charity, leave it to their children, who knows? Donating money to charity is kind, but keeping it for themselves is selfish and mean. But why do we have currency like this? Why don't we barter with money or food? Why do we agree that money has a value, and just end it there? What if the American economy collapsed, leaving all American money worthless? What would happen to the richest people in the world? They would immediately become poor, since all their money has lost its value. What would happen to you? A middle class farmer on the other hand, could easily become the richest person in the United States. So why do people focus on money to make their way in life, after all, is life truly about earning and purchasing items, or spending time with other people and doing what you love? How do we choose to define our lives?

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