Teenage Life vs. Adult Life

March 11, 2017

All of the adults in my life always say,”enjoy being a teenager as long as you can.” I have not been taking this statement seriously. I thought adult life would be the best thing that would ever happen to me. That might change though after I realize all that adults have to do.That leaves me to, The advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager and an adult include: finances, responsibilities, and fitness/appearance.


First, a disadvantage of being an adult would be the subject of finances. Adults have to pay taxes to the government, and bills to companies that the adults buy from. In addition, examples of bills are: satellite tv, insurance, phone, internet, and electricity. Having all of these payments is a disadvantage because they will not have as much money to spend on things that they want for themselves for entertainment or other reasons. On the other hand, finances is an advantage for teenagers. Teenagers do not have to pay the kind of taxes or bills that adults have to. The type of payments that teenagers usually have to make are for food at restaurants, gas, and sometimes car payments and phone payments. That means that teenagers may have more money to spend on themselves instead of what they really need, which is also called discretionary income.


Secondly, Responsibilities are yet another disadvantage of being an adult. Adults have always had more responsibilities than teenagers. That is because the adult population holds the responsibilities to hold a good job and keep food on the table for their family. If adults would not pay any taxes or bills they would not be able to keep a good shelter and environment for their families to live a good and well nourished life. Another responsibility for adults is to go out to the polls and vote. People do not always vote but, therefore, it is still a responsibility for a citizen because it is for who is going to be running your country and state. A responsibility for adults that have children is making the tough decisions. It is the duty of that adult to make sure their child is safe and does not do anything that will hurt them in the present and in the future. As a result, responsibilites lead to the advantage of responsibilities to teenagers. Teenagers may hold a job to get money but they still do not have quite as many responsibilities as the adults do. The basic teenager responsibilities probably include trying to do well in school, holding a job for some extra money, and taking care of themselves. School would be a reponsibility for a teenage because they should want to at least pass highschool. Holding a job is important for a teenager, they should start saving up for things they might need a little bit later in life. Also taking care of themselves is their responsibility to stay fit and active and not turn into someone that is lazy and will not do any work.


Once again, there is another advantage of being a teenager, and that would be the concept of fitness and appearance. Teenagers are usually more fit and active than lots of adults. Teenagers get more exercise because of team sports where they do lots of different activities. Appearance is better for teenagers, they have not hit the age that they have to worry about getting gray hair or wrinkles, but some teenagers have to worry about acne but can be resolved by acne cream or pads.  Therefore, this will be a disadvantage to the adults because they are not as fit as a teenager. This is because all their body parts start to slow down and lose function.The appearance of adults start to change they get older. They start to get gray hair which is why lots of them start to use hair dye, They may also start to develop wrinkles, but that is what wrinkle cream is for.


Adults have always told me,”enjoy being a teenager as long as you can”. I have not taken it seriously that much at all. I now though do take it very seriously after remembering all the different things adults have to do including finances, having responsibilities, and fitness/appearance which are also the advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager and an adult. I will now live the teenager life to its funnest and fullest as long as I can.   

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