This I Believe

March 10, 2017

Have you ever felt like you are having the worst day ever? Attitude is everything in life, a man once said “ Attitude is everything, Life is 10% of what you make it and 90% of how you take it.” This little quote just your attitude reflects on more than you think. So I believe everyone needs a great attitude.

On my superleague basketball team, we are all really good friends on and off the court. We all go and hang out after the games, We invite each other parties we all know each other's parents. We all just have a really good time playing together, every time is a great experience and I just love it. But there is this one kid named DJ that is just a jerk. I mean he really is like every time I see him he is hitting someone or making fun of them. Even when we are playing in basketball games he just yells at everyone.

One game we were laying a really good team called the Jets. This team is really good, there is a kid named Andre who is supposed to be one of the top recruits in Utah, He is amazing at basketball. But we were having a great game until DJ started yelling at us again. Then we were playing terrible, we couldn’t buy a basket. Finally, A kid named Justin just told us we were doing fine, we ended up winning by 20 and winning the championship. Now we have a sign that says “No energy suckers allowed” with a picture of a Vampire on it.  I tell this story because it shows how much your attitude affects everyone else's attitude. If we would've had positive thoughts the whole game we wouldn’t have had to worry about them coming back.

I believe you need a positive attitude in order to be successful in life. So many things in life are based on your attitude. Having a positive attitude just influences other people to  have a positive attitudes as well. If you were to have a really hard teacher that just won’t give you a break. Maybe, one day you should come in happy and just ask the teacher “How was your day?”  Or just simple questions like that can make a person's day.

In conclusion, just stay positive and you can make someone's day, maybe even help someone in a really hard time.

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