Technology Saving Biodiversity

March 9, 2017
By MTuck BRONZE, Worthington, Iowa
MTuck BRONZE, Worthington, Iowa
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If you had no restrictions, what is the one application of service you would create or provide using technology? The amount of technology in the world today allows humans to invent more than ever before. If I could create one application using today’s technology, I would make a central database for the world’s biodiversity to allow humans to better protect all the diverse species, improve the information flow from one scientists to one another, and to get a more accurate representation of the biodiversity.

The first reason I would like to invent a universal database of the species on earth is to support and protect the biodiversity. By using a database, humans can receive a precise measurement of the animals, plants, and other living creatures. By having an accurate number, people can help recover those species that are endangered, threaten, or even vulnerable. The database will assist humans so they can protect those certain species before numbers get too low. The world’s biodiversity will defiantly have better chance of thriving with help from a precise number using a central database.

The next important factor to why I want to create a universal database for species is to improve the flow of research about the fungi, marine life, and other living organisms. This stream of information can help any scientist share their theories or new discoveries with the rest of society faster and much easier than it is now. This could possibly help protect ecosystems, reduce habitat destruction, and eliminate illegal pouching throughout the world. The central database can be a great tool for society and researchers to use when passing or gathering information about the different species in the world.

The final element the universal database of biodiversity can give humans is a more defined number of species. Currently there are several different databases filled with information, forcing scientists to have an enormous interval of the number of species which live on the earth. Scientist would only have to look at one database instead of several trying to compare and contrast multiple systems. The central database will allow scientist to receive of a more accurate representation of the biodiversity in the world.

Using the technology in the world today, I would create a database that could log all of the earths biodiversity. This will allow humans to better protect species and their habitats. Another need for the system is the improvement for information flow among society and scientist doing research on living organisms. The last reason to create a universal database is to narrow the spectrum of biodiversity to a more exact number. The world today is in need of such a database so we can assist the species that live in our world and the scientists that study them.

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