Human Trafficking

March 7, 2017

Human Trafficking is when humans trade other humans for purposes such as sexual slavery, forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation to others and the trafficker. It can also encompass forced marriage, the extraction of organs and tissues, including for ova removal and surrogacy. Human Trafficking can be trans-nationality and within the country.


There is trafficking of children, sex trafficking, forced marriageable, labor trafficking, and trafficking for organ trade.

This is a crime against that violates the victim’s rights through coercion and the commercial exploitation. Atlanta, Georgia is known as the core of human trafficking in the United States because of its large airport.

The victims of human trafficking face threats of violence from many sources. The victims are exposed to high levels of physiological stress so that their perpetrators can control them. There are three phases recruitment, initiation and indoctrination.

In the initiation phase the perpetrators would use foot-in-the-door techniques of persuasions to lead the victims to certain industries. This manipulation creates an environment we're the victim is completely dependent on the trafficker. Traffickers will take advantage of family dysfunction, homelessness and abuse of women and children. There are many others like for example Stockholm Syndrome. The victims end up having Many problems due to all the things the trafficker does to them. Like for example complex trauma.

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