March 7, 2017
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Gabby- Almost 200 years ago Native Americans were forced off their sacred land that they had for thousands of years.

Joshua- And ever since they were moved their lives had been changed what seems permanently. The people in these reservations have been living in poverty for their entire lives.

Gabby- There are high rates of substance abuse and suicide in the youth. There also aren't many jobs for these native americans to take care of themselves and their families.

Joshua- The average person in some of these reservations survive on $7,000 a year. While the national average is a massive $50,000 compared to what the natives live off of.

Gabby- We have determined that the best way to make it up to the Natives is to give them money. So we have come up with three different solutions to help raise these people poverty.

Joshua- Our plans go be from the bare minimum to top quality. Our bare minimum plan is to give them 4 million dollars per reservation, Only once.

Gabby- This should be able to support the Native americans. They could get better homes, feed their families, and more.

Joshua- With this money they could invest in something so they can make more money.

Gabby- If you look at the first picture, you see a house that a Native American had built because they were poverty stricken. If we give them money than they could rebuild some of their buildings or houses.

Joshua-  Doing this could also help with some of the teen suicides that are happening. It could give them hope that there is something better to look forward to in the future. Not just facing the same problems that their parents are dealing with.

Gabby- We could also help by founding and letting people know about they organizations that are trying to help the Native Americans already. There are many organizations that already help, like “Native Partnership”.

Joshua-  On this website, they have places for you to donate money towards helping the Native Americans. They also hold drives to get clothes and other things for them.

Gabby- They also have a section where you can learn why what they do matters and how you can help them out. Towards the bottom, they have a section one how many Native people and tribes they help.

Joshua- Some People may think that the best way to repay the injustices is to give them back their land. But, if they get moved off of their current land they will lose their homes and won't be able to farm.

Gabby- Lastly, we can help the native people by teaching them newer methods of farming and other jobs.

Joshua- We already teach them, but if we start teaching them better and easier methods than they could make more money and have more jobs. With this they can find their way out of poverty.

Gabby- Since we put the native americans in poverty the least we can do is help them out of it. Go to Native Partnership's website.

Joshua- In this you can help by donating money and other resources. You also can choose what tribe you wish to help.

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