Making Changes

March 3, 2017
By Anonymous

How should gangbanger be successfully in the future? Or can they make a change for their lives. What are they be doing now days. Is gangbanger helpful for us? Each different races of gang have their own idea of living but have to same action of killing, selling, and doing drugs. They don’t care who you are, only care of money and killing. They would be disrespectful and ask you questions like information about you. In my opinion, people that join gang don’t go to college because of what you think they do in daily bases.

There were one day that my family were hanging out like an Hmong thing. Someone invited this gangbanger that we don’t know that have show disrespect to our cultures. He was also Hmong, but didn't believe in his culture.
Maybe people join gang because they think their hard or the hateful of their family problems. The issue data set states “I’ve have to enough gang members and low-level dope dealers to know they would quit today if they had productive, liveable wage jobs.” Where the big thing about gangs is drugs that make them success of getting money. The only ways of making money when they don’t finish high school or the people do would find a job where it's very hard tools. If i grow as growing up as a gang member i would have a rough times through my life but trying my why to succeed some how.

People join gangs to protected from each other when something happens but don’t be in a gang because that's going to ruin your life when you're growing up. 

Is it worth it being as a gangbanger? No, because it is like going into a war. If you can't escape from war you would be dead or keep going until you find yourself out. What I meant is make your way back and go to a different direction to be succeed of your life. There is still time to do things when yourself is in a hard time as a gangsters.

The author's comments:

I want to change people that is in a hard time and can change yourself

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