March 3, 2017
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Talking in terms of economics , money is a monetary unit which can be used to buy goods and services . On a larger scale , money is widely used for international trade and repayment of debt to any country . Money can be anything which satisfies the following adjectives : medium of exchange , a unit of account , a store of value and a standard deferred payment . For economists , money has been one of the greatest inventions in the human history .

Through this essay , I would like to answer a dubious question of whether attempting to earn more money and making it the one of the goals of life is right or wrong . The answer to this question is arcane and it is a topic of 'mega' discussion .  Trying to answer this question I would not like to be a dictator , rather I would prefer to write in a very discussive manner , allowing you to find the answer yourself .  As every coin has two sides , even this topic has . I would like to examine the both sides.

Let us examine whether earning more money is right . I guess , unequivocally , that many of you would agree to the former answer . Yes , earning money is not bad . It is quite good . Money can buy you a bigger house , a bigger car , a bigger television and can make your life bigger . Money can buy you an expensive mobile , an expensive watch , an expensive laptop and can make your life expensive . Money can literally make your life gilded . This is all very much true , hundred percent true . Now , I may ask you why you want your life to be expensive and big . The general public would answer to this that a big and an expensive life would make up for a happy life . Yes , this may be true . The answer , that whether the former sentence is true , might be subjective and even be nebulous .


Let us now examine the other side of the topic . Just question yourself  can money buy everything ? Can money buy love ? Can money make a dead loved one come alive ? Can money bring back the good time  from the past ? Can money repeat the past ? I guess the answer to these questions is a loud 'NO'. And think whether it is better to spend good hour with people who love you or is it better to spend an extra hour working and trying to earn more money ? What good is the extra money if it cannot able you to have jolly time with your close ones ? Try to spend a minute and think for the answer yourself .


I would like to list my opinion here . I am not of the thought that earning money and becoming rich is bad . It is good to have all neccessities of modern world . It is good to have some kind of luxuries in life . But it is not at all good to become a dilettante and run behind money all the time . Let not money become a dangerous drug and ruin your life . Greed is never good . There should be balance between time spent for earning money and time spent for others . Some things can only be bought by spending your time and effort and not by money .

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