Letter to Senetor

February 27, 2017
By , Burlington, KY

Dear Senator Paul,

I’m am mailing you to talk to you about the Native Americans on the reservations I would like to see you bring these ideas to congress and hopefully put them into action. I’m am arguing to you that we should give the reservations money to invest in businesses and new schooling. We took their land, slaughtered their men, and killed millions of them on the trail of tears. repaying them with money is the least we can do. They have 66million acres of land and there is 44.35million acres that is just grassland and fields(From Rahul Shankar, on Quora). If we gave the money they could invest in trade centers and farms so they could make profit and start new businesses. In 2016 the us federal budget had a total of 2.63 trillion dollars (This info came from nationalpriorities by Jasmine Tucker) I believe we could at least repay their reservations with a small loan of 4.5 million $ but not let them deny it at all. Thank you for reading this letter and please consider bringing this to others.

Yours truly,             


Chase T.

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