Victims of Bullying Suffer Academically

February 23, 2017
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Students who are bullied in school will often think about what has just happened, or what will happen at lunch or between classes. The way the victim worries is a distraction, especially when it comes to grades. While the teacher is going over homework, he or she might not pay attention to the teacher because of the fear of getting beat up. Students who get bullied often have headaches, colds and physical illnesses. Based on a UCLA psychologist`s report, 44 percent of the students who were bullied are Latino, 26 percent were African-American, 10 percent were Asian American, 10 percent were white, 10 percent were multi-racial and 46 percent were male and 54 percent were female. The significance of these numbers, more Latinos are being bullied than Caucasians, African-American, Asians, and multi-racial. Also, more female are getting bullied than guys. Bullies in school take out their anger on their classmates.

In my opinion, bullies should be punished. In our school, some of our punishments includes Saturday school, suspension, and in very extreme cases, expulsion. The school could contact the Law Enforcement if the bullying happens outside of school. Students should come forward more and tell the principal or friends. I think those punishments are fair to the victim and the bully.

To solve this problem, parents should talk to their children about bullying before it happens. They should pay attention to changes in their children`s behavior and take their concerns seriously. If a person gets bullied, the best way to prevent it is to get away from the bully because you don`t have to listen to someone who says something mean to you. In addition, you can tell your parents about bullying so your parents can report it to the principal, friends or parents. The biggest mistakes victims trying to do is, they don`t tell their parents about them getting bullied. Victims need to speak up and tell their parents or the principal. 

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