what age children should be accountable for their actions and decisions ess

February 21, 2017
By , Salt Lake City, UT

Everybody around the world is wondering about one thing, and that is what age children should be accountable for their actions and decisions. Children and teens are known to be more immature than adults. Some teenagers have even been put in juvie for some of their choices. Nearly every year the "FBI arrests more than 33,000 young adults under the age of 18" (KHAN, 2010)for offenses. People should start being accountable for their actions at the age of 18 because they are smarter now, the brain has not fully developed until then, and punishments are fair if you do something wrong at the age of 18.

First of all, by the age of 16 you have learned a lot and have had a lot of time to learn what is acceptable or not. At the age of 16 "Cameron Williams lives a life far removed from the part of other teenagers",and he had no excuse for the attempt of murder and was sentenced 110 years behind bars. He was not old enough to understand what he was he was really doing and should not have be charged as much as he was. 17 or below is not old enough to be fully in charge of anything that could be a big decision.

In addition, your brain has not fully developed until you are 18 and it is still learning from that point onwards. Your brain is always learning and growing. No matter where you are, who you are, or are how you are you will always be learning new things, that can help you in life. When people are teenagers "they are like emotional time bombs" that can explode at any time. They cannot control how their emotions and brain is working. So teens should not be held responsible for things because their brain is still developing.

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