Sometimes, Life Is Cruel

February 22, 2017
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Viability can be cruel to you. It can give or take something or someone away from you. Creation is something to be lived happily one minute and then the next minute being could make you realize that something horrible is happening or is going to happen to you or someone else. Living can hurt you in more ways than a human could because existence has to follow its course. It knows all that happens to you, a person that could hurt you wouldn’t be able to hurt as badly as being because humans don’t know how your life is supposed to turn out. Being is something that is supposed to be lived to the fullest, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen for us. Creation is sometimes cruel to us because we don’t live up to the expectations of the lives we have been given. Life is only going to continue being cruel unless you live your life and have no regrets before you go.

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