February 14, 2017
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Sometimes our thoughts are cruel.

I think it’s cruel to write this piece, actually, but I’ll continue, nevertheless. I think people see the right way as the negative way. That everything in existence is actually the opposite of what it may seem. That everything is horrible and disgusting and wrong and cold and they just want to be safe. I think that people think that the reality of a situation is always the negativity in it. I don’t think that way.

I believe that when it comes to being human, we don’t always do this. As with many things, I think someone established that negative thinking as a norm a very long time ago, and since then it has subconsciously interfered with our lives. Things like the news and social media don’t really affect this phenomenon that significantly, especially on a personal level, no matter how badly they may want to. No, I think that while those outlets do, too, create cavities in the mouth of our collective head, they can be fixed, but when you see someone you know quite well spouting nonsense about how the world is impossibly sad and vulgar, that affects you greatly.

The almost epidemic-levels of depression are a testament to that. I believe that since, in recent times, our world has gotten better, accepting more people and creating unity (until very recently), many have been scouring for a reason why it’s not. And while they do so, they injure others in the process, creating a violent circle of pointless pessimism.

Here is an experiment to test my theory: Walk up to a person, ask them how their day has gone. The answer is extremely likely to be “Bad,” for whatever reason. And while that may be true, there are always good things to compliment the bad things. Look at War, as a general idea, for example: No one should ever have to die, as Human Life is invaluable, but when some die, others prosper. This is how it has been throughout history, sad as it is. Even the most despicable acts in history have a good thing attached to them, everything does, whether it be a repercussion or the event itself.

This expository piece wouldn’t exist if so many people didn’t think so negatively. And while I understand that this sounds negative as well, for me, it’s true. In my experience, a significant portion of people feel that when looking at reality, the negative side of it is really the only side. That actuality is defined only by what might break you down and hurt you. That, even when someone tries so hard to find the good, there’s no point, because the good left before it ever got the chance to be there in the first place.

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