Teens and Social Media

February 13, 2017
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The CNN article “Teen Depression and How Social Media Can Help or Hurt” (August 5, 2015) is about teens getting bullied and how social media can help or hurt. It can hurt you because you can get bullied on social media, but you can prevent that from happening by blocking the people you know who are going to bully you. It can help you because you can read other people’s stories about similar experiences so you can feel connected and to not feel alone. For example, Matthew who is 12 years old, had been having anxiety and depression. He used social media to help him stay connected and it helped him realize that other kids are experiencing similar situations.

I think social media is an important tool for helping teens because it can help them know they’re not going through their situation alone. I talked to one of my classmates and she said that she goes to social media and it helps her. She likes the website called The Mighty, where she reads other people’s stories about their experiences and what they’re going through. Social media is a useful tool as long as you’re being aware and being safe. You can be safe by not adding people that can bully you on social media.

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