A Message to the World

February 13, 2017

We are all people. Whether you are white, black, or yellow we all fall under the category of living human beings. If you are bigger, smaller, taller, or shorter you are just the same as everyone else, because we all have one thing in common. We all want to be accepted, and loved. Gay people, transgender people, women, and men. We all unite on the face of the Earth fighting for what we want and believe in. But society poses a threat for all of our battles, taking them in reign and bashing them down, leaving everyone feeling worthless and exposed. The raw image of man kind depicts a person who feels just as lonely as the other. However, everyone can change and override the differences of this botched society. No matter what happens to you, rise above. Nobody has it all figured out, or right, or perfect. You are unique and special. There is a spark inside of you that can light up a thousand lighthouses, and make other people’s days better. You are important. Society will try to ruin you, but don’t let it. Put a smile on your face everyday, live like it’s your last, and show the world that you are proud to be you. 

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