Roles Reverse, Teachers Pull Pranks on Students

February 9, 2017

Following the centuries old tradition of Senior pranks, which dates back to when King Tut pranked everyone by graduating school, then becoming a pharaoh and deciding the fate of everyone in his land, Seniors  have been told that Seniors will no longer be playing pranks, and that instead, teachers will be playing pranks on students. Common tricks include assigning entire Shakespeare plays as overnight homework, teaching kids that the Civil War was over “states rights,” and in general wasting their time.

“My favorite prank was when I sent a girl home for violating the dress code when she was dressed in a puffy coat and jeans! Classic,” said one teacher.

Students have thus far been unable to distinguish the lines between what is a prank, and what is a proper education.

“I thought picking Nancy Devos, someone who is strictly against education to run the board of education was a prank, but then they elected her.” a student said.

Along Nancy Devos’s goals are to make people illiterate so people will stop reading jokes about her.

Math teachers in particular have had fun, in particular by inventing completely fake classes, such as “college algebra”, and “FST”

“FST actually stands for “Fake Symbols and Techniques! It doesn’t make any sense, just like FST!” one teacher said, laughing.

It is still unclear whether or not every student’s entire education is actually a joke or not.

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