Concealed Carry

February 7, 2017

There are many types of firearms for sale today that range from things like caliber to range, but why do these aspects matter? Well for some, firearms are an occupation, whether it’s weapon safety or sales, for some its also a hobby, but over everything personal firearms are a form of protection that are meant to be a last resort when a situation can not be de-escalated any further. A person must feel truly threatened enough to where they are scared for their life and have to engage an attacker with fatal force. In general, personal firearms that fall under the CCW act allow for personal and public protection in today's American society.

Today in majority of states, apart from eight (Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming), there is a law standing called Concealed Carry (CCW) which allows qualified individuals to carry their personal firearms on their person whether without or a permit or after obtaining a permit to carry. These personal firearms are typically of smaller caliber and compact, usually in the pistol category, so that they may be carried around with ease. The weapons may be hidden in small nooks and crannies either on the person or in their vehicle/home. The importance of these personal weapons is that if someone is confronted in a fatal situation, they may defend themselves. There have been many recorded cases of concealed carriers being able to defend themselves in threatening situations. Take for example the story of a 91 year old man with a concealed weapon who was approached by a robber Detroit. A robber who appeared to be in his mid 20’s approached the 91 year old and demanded his money, the elderly man, to the surprise of the robber, pulled out a weapon and unloaded a round into the neck of the robber. The robber then fled the scene. This a good example of how a person with a concealed carry license is able to protect themselves.

Concealed Carriers tend to carry their firearms in public which allows them to protect more than just themselves if put in a dangerous situation. If somebody with the intention of harming others walks into a public place, a CCW holder may be able to protect not only himself, but others in his near vicinity as well. An example of how a CCW holder was able to stop a situation like this is in Salt Lake City, when a man entered an Arby’s to have lunch when he noticed a woman wielding a knife demanding money from the store’s staff. He efficiently slipped off to his car where he retrieved his weapon and held the woman at gunpoint until the police arrived, where he was commended for his actions. This is an excellent example to prove how a CCW holder was able to save another person's life; although the staff might not have been killed, there is no telling what the woman would have done to get her money.

Lately due to misuse of firearms by individuals, like that of the Orlando club shooting or the Dallas police officer shooting, there has been some pushback on the laws that are in place for owning weapons. Typically what people want is for stricter protocols when trying to purchase a firearm or even to put up limits on what type of firearm should be allowed to be purchased. Some, including Donald Trump, believe that permits should be legal in all 50 states, “Permits should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state.” (Donald Trump) Although he believes that permits should be legal across the country, he also expressed that assault rifles should not be sold to the public because of their bad nature. Some, including myself, believe that assault rifles are the same as all other firearms because all have the same end result and that they should continue to be sold.

In conclusion firearms are a concept in today’s society which seems to have been split down the middle by support and opposition. Both sides have reasonable points and real life situations to back up their claim, which is what makes this topic so controversial and hard to satisfy. This topic has been in this undecided state ever since the law to carry came in effect in 1986 and so far there seems to have not been a clear solution on how to satisfy both sides.This has forced political leaders into a stand still on the laws they make regarding CCW and personal firearm purchases. Only the future can tell what happens gun ownership.

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