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February 6, 2017
By Anonymous

The most part that stood out for me was when she said how each day there will be days that you have no idea what to wear and you stare at your closet for hours. This part mostly stood out to me and brought my intentions because it is something I would do and it explains me so much. I can relate to this article so much and this is why I chose this article. With little planning you have a creative mind to have full of outfits or less outfits. I also liked very much how she called her daily outfits are in Sdales. A quote could be “Now some mornings it’s easy, my eyes are drawn to something special and I just throw it on, but then you have those tragic mornings when you find yourself staring blankly into your closet and not having a clue what to wear. My reaction to this quote is I have an intimacy this quote because this is me everyday and at times it gets frustrated. But then for me there is times I’ll just take what I see and put it on. I love dressing up and it’s just a thing I like to do. This is a connection to my life because I always wake up early and late not knowing at all what to wear. I usually plan outfits before so if I wake up late there’s an outfit made and this is why shopping in your closet is amazing because you have different types of clothing to wear anytime.

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