Apples Over Oranges

January 5, 2017
By the.undying.girl GOLD, Palmetto Bay, Florida
the.undying.girl GOLD, Palmetto Bay, Florida
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Though both have redeeming qualities in the taste and appearance departments, the boldness and plumpness of the ripe orange is a perfect snack for any on-the-go activity. A skeptic of the obvious claim? Come with me!
A notable difference in which the orange takes the prize is taste (I can sense the global gasps from shock for apple lovers). But, allow me to elaborate. Though the apple has a subtle, shall I say, “zing” to it, the orange incorporates all the flavors of an apple and brings an extravagant accent of flavor to the table. Thus, making its blast to your taste buds more powerful than a brush of flavor across the sides of your mouth.

In a like manner, color comes to play. Sure, an apple has different colors for the different types of apples, but this doesn’t exactly help when you are trying to see if it was picked too early. Meanwhile, as your confusion spreads larger than the color spectrum of this fruit, the oranges right next to you follow a strict color code (green-yellow when early and orange when ripe). Clearly, Oranges are simpler and cause less confusion.

However, apples are similar to oranges in a few aspects. For instance, both apples and oranges have an elliptical, but slightly oblong, shape which makes grasping both fruits, well, easily fruitful (pun intended). Furthermore, both the apple and orange have adaptable tastes (in which I mean parable), to most other foods, gourmet or casual. Maybe that old saying isn’t quite true.

In conclusion, Apples and oranges are moderately similar and both receive credible benefits in neutral areas of argument, but oranges are thus superior in the details chosen for this essay.

The author's comments:

I wrote this at five A.M as I ate an orange and felt like arguing about something. it's ridiculous but i wanted to share it with you all.

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