A Modest Proposal: A Satirical Solution for Poverty in the U.S.

November 14, 2016
By , Freeland, MI


It is a disconsolate subject that one of the most affluent countries on the globe is still faced with such an un-accommodating  situation such as poverty. This catastrophic circumstance precipitated from drug use, lack of education, poor economy and a lack of affordable housing. As a result homeless people roam the streets and the number of wrestling ravenous families continue. If in the future a more superior  solution to the current resolution is not  presented, then the circling outcome of poverty due to the roller coaster effect of the economy will ongo within the United States.

I believe that all factions would conform with the idea that poverty within the United States is ludicrous; making an alternative plan to finally end poverty and to do it with ease would be very impressive, and to the one person who presents a fitter plan should naturally be placed as the new leader of the country. This is an example of exaggeration since what is proposed is absolutely ridiculous being that just because a person presented good ideas it does not mean they should be a leader.

My intentionality is much more than to just simply provide other routes to improve the system currently in place; my thoughts to solve the issue of poverty are more revolutionary, everyone would feel a sense of unity and equality, there would be no need to compete to accomplish higher paying wages. It would only be a two step process to incorporate the new plan, everyone would contribute to America’s well being equally as a one mindset community.

Within my studies I have found that the current solutions are not as efficient as my own. It is an uncomplicated fix of transitioning  to socialism then communism, first “public ownership of the means of production and payment of wages according to the amount produced by the worker”, and second “ there will still be public ownership, but workers receive goods according to ‘need’.”(Sherman) Rather than to continue to pour millions of tax dollars into welfare programs; because someone is simply too indolent to labor and not because they were given an unequal education program making it more than challenging to advance in the future to get a decent job, which of coarse inner city schools always provide an exceptional education program producing the future's most motivated worker. This is situational irony because people who attend inner city schools are often not given the same equal opportunity say, as a person from a suburban school.

I now propose my own thoughts, which I know that absolutely no one would for any reason want to protest against. I offer the general american public pure communism. Meaning that poverty would become obsolete, the curriculum in education would be parallel with the needs of the America, and wages are essentially equal for every citizen.

Though  advocates for greater aid to the poor often focus on structural factors that make it difficult for individuals to find jobs in an increasingly advanced economy; if the lack of access to a quality job is understood to be because of racial discrimination, a geographic mismatch between where the poor live and where the jobs are available. This is a more generous stance toward the poor. The aforementioned view presents, the poor to be less to blame for their lack of a job than they are victims of a social or economic system that has let them down. (Rose) Besides that fact like wealthy taxpayers say, the poor are poor because of their lack of motivation and providing government funding programs despite the progressive effect it has had on society are useless. This is irony because not every poor person is poor because they are lazy, some are poor simply due to a lack of jobs in the area.

By incorporating the new change to America’s current government system the U.S. economy will immediately rocket sky high leaving not a single individual underprivileged and everyone would be content with making the same wage as the next.  This is sarcasm because in every society with a government not everyone will be satisfied.There is no valid reason for anyone to be unsatisfied except if of course communism has been proven to be insufficient. I wish that the audience would ignore what has been seen in the past communist states, because the past communist states had corrupt leaders and based on the current presidential candidates there is not a single corrupt leader in sight. This is sarcasm because one of the two candidates have proven to be corrupt in that they lied about sending confidential emails.

It’s not there have not been better proposals than my own it’s just that they have not been presented. I have put in centuries worth of research trying to find a better solution to ending poverty and have yet not come across one making me positive that my plan would work without a doubt.  The following two sentences are examples of sarcasm and exaggeration because the writer has clearly not lived for more than a century nor has put in that much research. Also there has been other considerable solutions the writer just has not did enough research to find them.

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