5 Truths About Being a Fan-Girl

October 5, 2016
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So here’s 5 very true facts about being a fan-girl that you should never be afraid to admit even if everyone around doesn’t seem interested or you feel to drowned in your insecurities to think anyone would still like you for who you really are. Because let me tell you, you’re not the only one.

Truth #1: Never be ashamed in something you love!
Sometimes you just absolutely love a certain anime, TV show, cartoon, or movie and it’s probably literally to die for. But when a friend ask you what’s your favorite TV show, anime, whatever. You shy away from it and say something that you know everyone is talking about currently. DON’T do that! Stick up for what you love and say it with pride! Don’t feel embarrassed because you’re different. Like me. I’m literally obsessed with Transformers (TF), ask anyone and I’m your gal. At first when TF was making an uprising to becoming my obsession I was a little ashamed because A: I’m a girl and TF is, as I’ve always been told, is for boys and boys only. So I never truly admitted to liking it. B: No one, and I mean literally no one I knew was even into to it so I could never talk about to anyone except myself. And C: Well to be honest I felt everyone would discriminate against me If I dared even mentioned the subject. So this went on for about a good 6 years of my life before I came to Middle School. It was then when I finally worked up the actual courage to say something about my strange addiction to Transformers. At this point in my life, my parents had finally gotten over the fact I’m not your everyday typical paint my nails go to the mall teenage girl. I am comfortable and love the fact that I’m me and no one can change that. So now when people asked me what I’m into I would just say “Transformers,” despite the weird looks I got.

Truth #2: Just because you like a lot of “boy” or “girl” related things doesn’t mean you want to be one.
So I know for a fact that a lot of “boy” shows are liked by the female population because I go to a school full of them including me. You’ll find out if you haven’t already that this world is cruel and you will get teased by family, friends, everyone pretty much. That’s like saying a guy shouldn’t be a dancer and girl can’t play football. You can do whatever you feel is your passion and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I mean like, look at me. All I do is sit around watching the latest Transformers show on Netflix 24/7 and no ever questions me anymore.

Truth #3: So what? I like him/her!
So I’m almost positive everyone has a fictional crush on a character from something. No one can lie about that much. But that’s okay. It’s your life! You can like whoever you want to like. I kid you not when I say I’m totally crushing on that sexy robot Kaon from Transformers More Than Meets The Eye by Roberts Milne. He’s totally hella hot. I’ll admit that if you ask me…maybe anyways. I honestly wouldn’t give a care in the world what people would think of me if I said that because it’s completely true. That’s just me being me. That eyeless freak of a Decepticon is who I live and die for.

Truth #4: You’ll find that perfect group
When you fan-girl a lot, it kind a shows. Like in your style of clothing, how (much) you talk, walk, think and sometimes even how you see things (if you’re really into it). People most times either ignore you because they think you’re a weirdo or some prosperous stuff like that. But at some point someone will eventually notice you and take you under their wing, allow you to be apart of their life to talk about your daily favorite of whatever. Make you feel like you’re somebody and sure you may not like all the same things as other people your age but you’ve got a heart and feelings. Although there are somethings that are more popular and easier to find and get involved with, if you can’t find and hear no mention of your “thing” than that just means you’ll have to dig a deeper and go forth to find out yourself what people are into what. So you know who to go and talk too.

Truth #5: Be yourself because everyone else is taken.
Always, no matter what, just be yourself. I’m sure people even acknowledge that you’re in the room because of your personality even if the things you’re into is a little odd. They like you for being you, because you’re not that person who follows what everyone else is doing because it’s “cool” or “what’s in” at the moment. They like you because despite what every other person is doing, what everyone else is doing to change themselves. You still kept to the same old you, only changing for you and no one else. And that’s what people admire and love.So keep doing what you do and live a life knowing you met great standards regarding you, and you only.


All in all being a full time fan-girl is like a hobby, it’s what you do on a regular basis because you like it and it’s just you being you. Even if other people (haters) disagree. So keep being that person. Never be ashamed to be that person. Just because it’s more of a boy of girl thing doesn’t automatically mean you all of sudden want to be of that gender (like have you seen the bronies?), and so what you like a fictional character? It’s totally natural.


Besides we’ll all find that special group of people who are just as obsessed as you are. Last but not least, never stop being you, because it’s that only thing that separates you from everything.

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