The Monsters Inside of Us

October 3, 2016
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I believe that there are monsters inside of people. They are in the form of negative emotions. When people hold in their feelings, the monster inside of them grows. It continues to build and build until eventually one can no longer hold those emotions in. When this happens, the monster is released along with a wave of negativity. However, this scene can be prevented. Having positivity in our lives and expressing our thoughts would help to keep the monster at bay. Also, being positive to others will be equivalent, as the act of positivity done to a person will weaken the monster inside of them. As humans, we will always have moments of negativity that feed the beast stirring within us. When this happens, it may begin to grow parallel to our anger. However, we cannot give in to the monster within ourselves. Despite our imperfections, we must do our best to subdue the beast. Even so, the beast will never be fully extinguished. It will always reside deep within us, no matter how much we suppress it. The monster will be waiting for the right opportunity to wake from its slumber and unleash itself. But until then, we have the strength to resist the beast and prevent it from releasing its rage.

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