September 6, 2016
By Anonymous

How would you define a human being? Ask me. I would call someone a human when he or she makes an attempt to do something for the society. In my country, India, poverty is a major problem. More than half the population is living in poverty. There are soo many slums. They don’t have money for their basic needs. They don’t have proper shelter neither do they get proper food to eat. Due to this they suffer from many diseases and again have no money to cure it. Some people have money in excess. Forget them knowing about technology, children don’t get proper education. On top of all this, India ranks somewhere among the top 10 in rape cases. Why? Why? Cant this society get any better. Why do people have a problem with what a girl wears? In my opinion, a girl can wear anything and everything. She has a right over it. She can walk nude down the streets if she wants. There should be no objections on what she wears. Don’t tell us what to wear, tell them not to rape. This society needs to get a shape. 

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