A Modest Proposal: The Truth Revealed Edition

August 21, 2016
By SGarewal24 BRONZE, Banning, California
SGarewal24 BRONZE, Banning, California
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It is terrifying to think that each day you walk alone on the streets you could be passing a serial killer, a rapist, a child molester, even an ISIS bomber doing his job. You could be walking side by side with a person that has a criminal record dirtier than the mud in a pig pen, but they had a lawyer that was good enough to let them walk free. In the United States alone there are roughly 2.4 million prisoners in our jails. This does not include minor offenses, juvenile halls, the people that have died, been set free, or have won their trials. With crime and terrorism at an all time high and our jails being completely filled, it is time to deal with the criminals in a way that lower the crime rates close to gone and take away all the prisons.

I think that it is agreeable among most parties that the ideas of the increasing crime rates are a depressing matter of our society. Even our justice system is corrupted with wrongful enforcement that is easily suaded by race, gender, or the rest of their day. No one is safe on the streets knowing that criminals are able to walk free and the police stand next to them with their violence that is protected by their badges. If there is a way to make these people see the wrongness in their actions and make society better while keeping all of the criminals and the officers deserves to be given a throne and a crown.

My proposal is far from that and far from taking polite measures to change the criminals that live amongst us. It shall take the entire population of criminal masterminds that are in jails, in their police cars, and on the streets and make them disappear or take those that were imprisoned on false accusations and set them free.
Thanks to the new revisions that have been made, prisoners live lives that are better than those of the taxpayers that supply for them. They are given a bed, the necessary toiletry items, clothes, shelter, a place to work out, jobs in the kitchen, and three meals a day all for no cost to them. If it really came down to it, a homeless man near the brink of death from starvation can kill an innocent bystander and live a life where everything he didn’t have before can be provided to him for twenty-five years to life. When a person that has killed innocent people out of rage is living a better, easier life in prison than you are in your home, there is a problem.

Based on reports and many crime shows on TV, those that commit crimes are usually the ones that you would never expect. The crimes that they commit each day endanger our lives and even the lives of our children. These criminals have always been grossy mistaken for people that we just don’t understand; to them their actions make sense and are right; we are the ones that need to be more understanding of what can be right in the world. It is true that once a person is a suspect of a crime they are brought in and questioned. In this process somehow people determine whether or not the other person is truthful or lying, whether they are the killer, an accomplice, or completely innocent. But how can we easier sort out the innocent from the guilty?

There is a solution known to many scientists as sodium pentothal but to the common man it is knows as a truth serum. It is prepared as a powder and then is paired with a diluent to make it into a liquid and to dilute it in a way that makes it more stable for the human body. It is administered into the veins through a needle or an IV so it travels quickly throughout the body creating an almost immediate effect. It acts as a depressant of the nervous system inducing hypnosis, anesthesia, and even acts as a truth serum.

When a person lies, ares of the prefrontal cortex are stimulated and activity in this area of the brain increases. The prefrontal cortex is an area in which it controls the ability to regulate thoughts and actions to achieve goals thus affecting planning, problem solving, and attention which are all important when it comes to deception. When injecting the solution 80% of it will become bound to a plasma protein in the blood and travel straight into the brain. This is how the hallucinations, anesthesia, and even the relaxation of the signals from the prefrontal cortex occur.  Since there is a decreased amount of signaling from the prefrontal, it is near impossible for a person to tell and maintain a lie when asked questions.

I have been assured by physicians online that the injection of small doses can not be harmful to a person's health, nor can they develop an addiction if it is only administered once and by a professional.

We will start with eliminating the need for jails. We first take a list of all of the prisoners and their offenses and put them into categories that place those with similar crimes with each other, then order those categories from highest degree of the crime to the lowest. From top to bottom we will take the prisoners and bring them into a room for questioning. Before anything can be asked we will inject the sodium pentathol. If the prisoner refuses injection we will assume that they are automatically guilty because they have something to hide and they will face the same consequence as those we find guilty with the injection. Once the sodium pentothal has been administered we will wait one minute for it to take effect so we can ask our questions. In this period of time where everything about what they have done is open we will go over the case and what they have done. If any new names arise they will be written down and those people will be questioned on the case as well. In the end of the person is found guilty for taking part in the crime they will be set aside. In the questioning if we find that the person has been wrongfully accused and it is someone else that is mentioned in the process that has committed the crime, we will bring forth the other person and release the former prisoner.

Once all of the guilty in the prisoners have been gathered and the innocent are no longer apart of the question, we will take them one by one and shoot them with a silencer on so that the other scum in the prison do not try to escape the position they have put themselves into. This process will continue through every major prison first and all of the most dangerous will be taken care of. We will then get rid of all of these prisons that used to be filled with the most vile people that have ever walked the sidewalks in our communities.

My proposal does not stop there with the major criminals reside it will now move to the lower end prisons that are in more local cities their felonies will be ranked Those that we feel are too major of crimes or those that have more than one offense will face the same fate as those that have died before them. This portion of the plan will get rid of the need for all prisons leaving no room for any convicts to escape or for those that are freed to cause any more harm to the rest of the world.

Without prisons there will be no need for the guards or wardens. They will go through final questioning before they are released into their families. Any of them that have undergone malicious acts themselves but were protected will be ranked. Depending on what they had done and how many offenses they have, they could potentially face the same fate as the prisoners. The rest will be off into the world and new jobs will open up for them that suit what they majored in while attending college or they will have the option to go to school again for free while the government uses the money that would have gone to the prisons to fund it.

After all of the prisons have been dealt with we will move to the cases that are currently open and use the truth serum and the same questioning methods. All those that are found guilty will be killed. The use of the sodium pentathol will eliminate all doubt in communities, courtrooms, and in the officers that put them away.
Now that the murderers rapists, molesters, etc are gone. We can now deal with the corruptions in our justice systems. The officers that have been broadcasted on television for beating children, people of the opposite race, and protesters will now be brought into question. Sodium pentathol will be induced  so they can explain why they really acted out. Even though these officers were previously questioned and justified before the new system, they were protected by their badges. Those rules are inapplicable once the truth is revealed. If the officers were wrongfully acting against the people they bet and or killed, they will be subject to death just as the criminals were. In the society we are out to create, there is no room for people to be acting under faulty reasoning and believing that what they are doing is right when it isn’t.

The officers and other officials that are abiding by the regulations of their job and are not using it to cover the things that have done will keep their jobs. Crime rates will be able to significantly lower now that the word of the truth serum will spread. People will be afraid to act out for they will face the same untimely fate as those that have passed before them. However, that does not mean that all crime will be completely gone, people will still act out it is in our nature. The use of the serum will just ensure that the guilty party is found out quickly and disposed of so that it does not happen again.

On to the ISIS attacks, we have people in question from the massacre of Paris. We will use the sodium pentathol to get every solitary name out of them and discover who is behind it and their location. Once we have learned all of their valuable information we can gather our forces and ambush them and get rid of it all. We will rid the world of its most dangerous threat with the use of a few drops of a solution that can be created in any certified lab.

Through the elimination of prisons, the terrible criminals within them, and the corrupt officials, we will be able to live lives that give us the freedom to do whatever we want without the hanging fear of being caught up in a serial killer’s unravelling scheme. People can express a form of ultimate freedom and those that abuse that power will be dealt with and never seen again. Order will be restored in society and the people can live in peace to do as they please.

However, if anyone can create a more rational solution to deal with the issues that I have solved I would gladly hear them, but I feel that they will not take care of the problem as effectively as my solution. Simply increasing the amount of authority we have over the people will not control the crimes of the world. Adding more prisons will just give sociopaths more places to escape. None of the measures we have taken in the past have made an impact as great as the one I’m wanting to make.

I apologize for being so vague and making this proposal so short but I wish to not waste much of your time. I confess that I have not the slightest intentions of promoting or implementing this solution into our everyday life, having no other motive than writing a proposal to an issue that may never be fully resolved, I leave you to your thoughts. I have no immediate family that I wish to free from prison nor do I have any direct encounters with people that could threaten my life, but this problem is one that is in the news each day. 

The author's comments:

After reading A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Smith, I was giventhe task of creating my own version. I feel that criminals adn their sentences are a problem, they are either to harsh or not harsh enough. An exaggerated solution might bring the issue to light. 

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