Stop Racism

July 30, 2016

In today’s United States, racism has become a severe social issue and a popular topic. There are different races in America: Asian Americans, African Americans, European Americans, Muslim, Indians and ect. Varied ethnicities make up the diverse and profound cultures in America. Here in America, different ethnicities of people are welcomed to be here because of the spirits of tolerance and liberty. However, there are a few population who hold the incorrect and inappropriate beliefs about different ethnicities. Such phenomena can even be seen on the social media screen. In this year’s president campaign show, one of the candidates is Donald Trump. Mr.Trump’s provocative and bold speech unlocks a scary monster, which is racism.

During World War II, Nazi Germans’ intolerable brutal inhuman actions led to one of the most brutal massacres in the world-----Holocaust. Jews became the subject of derision and torments; millions of Jews were killed by Nazi Germans. I can still imagine millions of Jews bear the great mental and physical agony in concentration camps: Jews dragged their feet and bodies toward labor houses while howling; their bodies were filled with scourges and scars. Holocaust taught the whole world to never repeat the history again. Therefore, it is people’s responsibility and obligation to get rid of the idea of racism and accept different people with a positive and tolerant hears.

I am a 15-year-old girl who immigrated to United States from China one year ago. I still remember the first P.E. class in high school in my freshman year. At that time, I could barely speak English, and I even couldn’t understand what my P.E. teacher was saying. Then an American girl who tried to degrade me. She scoffed me that I couldn’t speak English and talked bad things behind me. Although my English skills were limited, I could still understand what that girl’s said about me. The moment I realized that she was scoffing me, I felt humiliated and angry. However, I didn’t try to revenge her because I was aware that only tolerance can resolve the problems between us. Now, we have already become good friends.

The diversity in culture and ethnicities make United States a cosmopolitan country.

The statue of liberty symbolized the spirits of freedom and tolerance. Anyone can be accepted and everyone is equal. Therefore, stop racism.

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