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July 29, 2016

Definition of masculinity( courtesy of Google): possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men.

What does it mean to masculine? There is no clear definition of masculinity. However, societal standards have shaped the way we categorize a person as being a man. Recently, I have had a discussion about this topic with a group of strangers. Each person agreed that the stereotypical definition of being a man is to be a "bro"- a person who likes sports and exercises his male dominance. The perfect male is ingrained and programmed in our minds as being white, tall, and buff.  If we look to iconography, the definition of the superior male like the superheroes we grown up with are always white males. The problem with that is it sets an unrealistic standard for society. The thing is that a man should be defined by his character. When a man dies and the people at the funeral say "he was a good man" it does not mean he was the ideal white male it means that the man had great character. 

The reason why gender roles exist today is because throughout our history from the Neolithic age the white male has always tried to provide and as time went on , the white man has civilized everything he has touched. Meanwhile, everything and everyone else was inferior to the white male. From the Hunting and Gathering age to White Police Men Hunting and Gathering Black Males , the white male has always been superior.

Power has been given to white males since the beginning . Jesus, Santa Claus, the first 43 U.S. Presidents. Looking at the people of power being only one demographic takes a psychological toll. That is why with every generation, a challenge to gender roles and the definition of masculinity has occurred.

Women's Movement. Civil Right's Movement. Black Lives Matter Movement.

The fact of the matter is that the progress we made is not enough. People of color and women ( people inferior to the white male) have always been underrepresented. It is completely shameful that colleges, positions of power, elite workplaces, and money has all been exclusive to the white male to this day. Patience is not what we need because time has not healed. It is time. We need to fix our society and change the face of power.

My hope for my generation, is to continue to challenge gender roles until each demographic is equally represented. The world isn't fair but that doesn't mean we cannot try to work for a more EQUAL world. Imagine a world where your skin color, gender, and/or sexual orientation did not determine your societal status and standard.

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