Teens in Politics, It Is Time to Get Involved

July 22, 2016
By batyateenink BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
batyateenink BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Hillary Clinton is sixty-eight years old. Donald Trump just turned seventy years old. Both are running for president, and both are legal seniors. Seeing as to how many "nursing home ready" folks are the main figure heads in politics, why would somebody aged thirteen or sixteen be interested in watching C-SPAN? They wouldn't, and for the most part they aren't. I am a rear exception, a fifteen-year-old girl from New York City who has been watching CNN, NBC, and Fox News since the age of eleven. Most people ask me if my parents are involved in politics, when they find out that I am. Yet, my parents never were interested in politics, they never even gave attention to politics news. On the other hand, I always gave attention to the latest bills that were passed, who was running for the empty senate seat, and what happened in Washington DC that made the government shut down. The reason I was so awed by politics was because I understood even in that young age, that any bills that are passed, any new candidates for senate, and any government shut downs would directly affect the country I have grown to love so much; the United States of America. Just one law can make the country go haywire, resulting in changes that will be long-term. I understood tat anything that happens to my country, directly affects my future, my job, college, etc. Somehow other people my age do not understand what a dire situation our country is in right now, that if we let the wrong person win the election our economy will be so damaged that we may not ever get the chance to get a job in the future. The tendency of teens to be spontaneous would bring a fresh look on politics into our country and would allow us to explore ideas for the country that we had never even thought of.  But sadly because teens care more about playing Pokémon-Go than their chances of getting a job in the future, not only are we loosing helpful teenage insight, but we are also loosing hundreds of thousands of people that would have been able to stand on the right side and make sure we don't let our country go into the wrong hands. The questions remains, how can we get teens to be more involved in politics?  The government, both at local and federal levels could set up programs enabling few select teenagers to have their own miniature council in every city, who would vote on their opinions on some bills, amendments, and laws. Then after the votes in the "teen council", the council could then send their final decisions to the main senate, and assembly of their state, and the main senate or assembly could take into consideration what the "teen council" decided upon. The teen council could also try to crate their own laws which would then be passed up to the state's senate or assembly for review. We need a system like this, now more than ever. We need fresh insight into our laws, we need new government programs, and so much more. If only the government woke up and started to see that this is the solution to so many problems, we would have a much different and better country indeed.

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Personaly I am tired of seeing teens being excluded from politics. If they would be more inluded perhaps they would be more intrested in politics and current events.

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