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June 8, 2015
By MadiHatter192 GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
MadiHatter192 GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
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" 'What happens after you die?' lots of things happen, they just don't involve you." ~Louis C.K.

Black, White, Indian, Asian, Hispanic [Enter Race Here]


Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Mormon, Buddist [Enter Religon Here]


Boy, Girl, Trans, Man, Woman [Enter gender here]


Abused, Broken, Spoiled, Rich, Poor, Strange [Enter Houshold Here


Fat, Skinny, Ugly, Beautiful [Enter Apperance Here]


Autism, Turrets, Limbless, diseased [Enter Disability Here]


Bullied, Popular, Outcast, Nerd, Intellligent, Barley Passing [Enter School Life Here]


Survey complete!



You are now entering the world of acceptance. Here no one is judged. Citizens ae free to express their lives. Where escape from the harsh void of reality is possible. Where there are always second chances and no pain, just acceptance. Sounds unreal, doesn't it? Not so. As you relive your past and as your secrets become known, you will be able to accept what has made you you! You learn things about yourself and others you hadn't known before. We currently live in a world where no one is perfect, but everyone pretends they are. What if there was no status quo we felt we just had to reach? If we didn't try and hide our true selves? To find out you have to accept yourself first. You must accept your past, present, and future and do your best to just be you.


To enter the world of acceptence you must first [Enter Life Here]

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