Teens Being Tried as Adults?!

April 28, 2015
By J.N.K. BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
J.N.K. BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Nowadays teenagers who commit a crime that is especially vulgar will be tried in the court system as an adult instead of a juvenile. This is all fine and dandy except for the fact that they are not adults. Scientists have solid evidence that proves that the human brain’s decision making part is not fully developed until age 25. While people younger that this age have the ability to make some good decisions, in general teenagers make impulsive decisions and do not think through future ramifications of doing this impulsive thing. Now I know what you are thinking, I am not 25 yet I am able to identify that killing is wrong. This is very true. It is universally thought that killing is wrong but in extreme circumstances killing, cruel as it might be, feels like the only viable option to them and will not think it through fully. 

If it remains that teens can be tried as adult they can at least take away the sentence of life without parole. Nobody is the same throughout their entire life and this especially true for teens. Consider this situation;
A teenager of age 16 is violently beaten by his father. After years of silence he decides that he must act. Fearing that his father will know if he tells another soul he doesn’t say a word but keeps that pent up need to act. Next time his father begins to beat him he runs to the kitchen, grabs a knife and stabs his father killing him. He gets taken to court gets tried as an adult and is sentenced to life without parole. 15 years later he is a completely changed man. He helps the guards, other prisoners, and even volunteers to do extra work around the prison. Everyone is delighted to be around him but since he cannot take parole he is forced to stay at prison. A different man caged for life.

This situation is not in any way an exaggeration. Similar situations do happen in the real world. While the crime they commit is wrong, they didn’t have the resources to make a better decision. Hopefully this helped you change your mind about the ethical problems faced by trying a juvenile as an adult.

The author's comments:

Our civics class discussed this topic thouroughly and I had to let the world know my opion so they can see the situation with a brand new point of view.

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