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Everyone's Life Story

November 7, 2014
By 26Letters GOLD, Salt Lake City, Utah
26Letters GOLD, Salt Lake City, Utah
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"People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for."

I love stories. I do, I truly do, with about every passion that can be inside a person. I feel like this is why I can look around any environment I'm in and think it's beautiful. People are everywhere, all with their trials and hardships, their triumphs-- everyone is a story waiting to be told.

     If you look at people as if they've always been beautiful and always will be, you begin to realize things. I've noticed that passions drive people, and those passions make great things happen. In English class, we're taught to find themes in the stories we read. Well, can't this be the same for people? As I get to know these people, I see that they all have their own themes. Someone may sink into the grasp of the mechanics of music. The next person may obsess over the physical rush and excitement of physical activity. Others may find fascination in the way they look to others.

   Everyone has a theme, no matter how hard they try to hide it. The way they dress, the way they talk, the things they do. No matter how hard someone tries to bury you in society, you will always be different, and I think that's beautiful.

     However, society teaches you that only one theme is acceptable, so too many people pretend that one theme is theirs. Anyone not in their clique becomes victum of being granted the titles of a stereotype instead of thinking of individual people.

     Take the so-called nerd. They might act quiet and shy around you, but think about what would happen if you had them talk to someone about something they really liked, whether that be a certain movie or book. They will talk beyond the capacity of any other person. Mentos and soda do nothing alone, but together they explode-- a stupid analogy, but if you've ever seen this happen, that is exactly what happens.

     Take the so-called hipster. They might act sociable and loud with people, but think about what happens when they go home. Most of them stay on their phone and check their social network sites for hours. They need approval for their own self-worth.

     Passions determine why you are important to this world. If ignored, you have become useless. So many say "be who you are" or "do what you want" but I would advise to discover what you were meant to do. And your theme-- that is your purpose.

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