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May 4, 2014
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Hundreds of years ago, a group of people came to America to get away from the absence of choice. The chance at freedom of choice set the ideals for the fostering of democratic values; and the fettering of dictative laws.It set up the opportunity to express ones self through daily writing and speech; Because the constitution of America establishes ones freedom of speech, people should be allowed the opportunity to say what they want, when they want,however they want, since it is ones established right to express ones opinion in any form or manner, for every opinion matters.

People express opinions everyday from "I hate the cold!", to "The republican majority is delusional when it comes to this decision". People state the obvious, or the not so obvious. They make altercations and abide with others opinions.Different programs such as television shows, magazines, newspapers, radio talk shows,web pages,and so much more revolve around opinionated talk.This country's idealistic democratic values were built around opinions and the use of freedom of speech.The use of daily opinions are accommodating to the ordinary people such as "The common Joe" and political figures as well.who is to say someone is not allowed to state ones opinion? Who is to say someones opinion is stupid, lewd,licentious,goading, malicious, or fabricated? No one has the right to say what can or can not be said.Opinions built this nation and fortified it.Opinions fostered democratic values allowing breathing space for choices, and life opportunities. Are opinions worthwhile? Is freedom of speech important to people?Are the rights of people important? Are the ideals of democracy important? Yes, the opinions,rights, and democracy are the bricks of this Nation!

Everyday people express their opinions through writing, speech, drawing, photography, singing, dancing, and so much more. Everytime people pass a bill board being displayed along roads and highways,opinions are seen, such as, "You know its a myth. This season celebrate reason" Stated by American Atheist.The group of American Atheist give a different view point upon the greatest issue of all, religion. Do people have the right to say they are wrong? Of course people do, it is their opinion! Comedians talk about issues through humor, like the Smod Cast.This is a group containing two men who touch upon the topics of politics, religion, democratic ideals,women, men, children, abstract concepts, et cetera. Their opinions reach hundreds of people every day.Are their opinions worth while? Just ask their fans and followers. Tv shows such as news programs express millions of opinions, all worthwhile. Some people listen to Fox News, while others, who's opinion is that Fox News is delusional, may listen to CNN. Either way both news sources, and all news sources, foster democratic values and state worth while opinions to all those who listen to them. They inform and explain different sides of stories, news, and daily concepts.
Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace allow for the expression of opinions from ordinary citizen. People debate and comment on statuses, People state their opinions all over the place every day.The use of this freedom of expression allows people to refute governmental ideas and concepts. It allows people to take a stand for what they think is right or wrong. Is it wrong to fetter someones words just because they are stupid or are wrong? Is it wrong to take away the freedom of speech? Yes! Absolutely it is wrong! If someone wants to abrogate the use of opinion just because some people are ignorant, than those people should never say a word.

I understand that people say stupid things and that people are ignorant on many matters like Tom Cruix is ignorant on the topic of psychology, and that some words bring out the worst in people as they start arguments, fights, and even wars. However these arguments, fights, and even wars, foster democratic values, build nations, strengthen the voice of the people, and restrict dictative concepts. The use of opinion is the voice of America. It is how people complain about what is wrong in life and how people lift up what is right. All opinions are worth while, no matter who says it, how is is said, or how stupid, wrong, or right it is. Every opinion is another brick added to the strengthening of freedom of speech and choice.

Hundreds of years ago, people didn't have freedom of choice or speech. They took the chance to come to a foreign area just for the chance at freedom of choice. How can someone say that opinion is not worthwhile? People fought for their voice! Lets keep it that way.

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BaneAusten This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 7, 2014 at 2:10 pm
I agree with you to an extent. Whilst it is a wonderful thing that people are allowed to express their opinions without being murdered, there are times where one's opinion is objectively better than another's by virtue of being better reasoned. In the event that two opinions are conflicting, the one backed by better logic should be accepted.
OceanLily replied...
May 7, 2014 at 9:08 pm
However, it is opinion that his or her opinion is not of logic or is. that persons opinion still maters. An opinion is opinion, now facts play into the whole logic concept. . But it is your opinion.
BaneAusten This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
May 8, 2014 at 9:56 pm
One's opinion only matters in one of two ways: To accept it because it is a sound and logical position to take or to reject it either because it is inherently flawed or because there exists some superior alternative. The only way to judge which course of action should be taken is through an analysis of the reasoning behind it, which is not a subjective thing. Logical fallacies and inconsistencies between how we view the universe and how it actually is exist regardless of what opinions we hav... (more »)
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