Achieving World Peace

February 11, 2014
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A day in the life of a human being is very interesting. Our eyes wander many places, we see many things. We hear many words. We speak many phrases. We feel many emotions. When combining all of these things together, we find ourselves with an opinion formed on the world we live in based on the knowledge we have on certain topics. I challenged myself tonight to beg the following question; Is it fair as humans to base an opinion on a topic we see only one side of?

You see, we all live in a variety of enviornments, most which are biased to an opinion one way or the other. As we go throughtout our daily journey and explore the world we live in, we either get a positive or negative experience from it. As humans we are inclined to being judgmental based on what we think we know. When we are exposed to this "positive" or "negative" experience, we begin to form our opinions on things, especially as teens. These opinions tend stick with us. They become the foundation of who we are. They become our morals. Our morals become what we base everything we every do in life off of; All because we first were introduced to that one sensitive experience.

So I asked myself, is this human nature, and if it is should it make it right? Should we all try to teach ourselves that there are two sides to every situation? If we "Broadened Our Perspective" on the world we live in, wouldn't it be a much brighter place? Instead of forming an opinion on the ideas of this world, the challenge should become being open to new scenarios. This is how the world will someday achieve a state of peace, I firmly believe

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