The Bully and The Victim-- What's The Difference?

February 1, 2014
By SILVER, Los Angeles, California SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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Favorite Quote:
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."- Eleanor Roosevelt

"There is no difference between the bully and the victim." -Lady Gaga

The above quote really ties together the circle of life for teens now. It's a vicious cycle, really of how the issue of bullying in it's entirety comes about. It starts with someone who's different, or doesn't have the same opinions-- who stands out; jealousy sparks slowly and turns into to a blazing bonfire that can't be put out. At the same time, there is a kid who's been made fun of and harassed at home and at school their entire life-- they see this as an opportunity to make someone else feel the pain, anger, and sadness that they have holed up for their some odd years of age. And so the circle begins, the "victim" became the bully in a matter of time, and that is the most troubling aspect of bullying today-- how fast the title can change, and how quickly kids nowadays are sliding in and out of these 2 categories. There is really no answer to this except to accept others differences; that's the only way we can really achieve "world peace" or any other idea that's been tossed about the windmill for the past couple of decades. So at the end of the day, the margins between "bully" and "victim" have become slim to none, and we're back to the beginning where it's all just a blur of nonsensical gab that causes unnecessary hurt to others. Even if you're not dancing between the 2 categories, there has to be an outlet for everyone, whether it's acknowledged or not. So as the aforementioned question has stated, is there REALLY a difference between the bully and the victim, or are they just sugar-coated words for the same thing?

The author's comments:
Interesting and relevant topic that seems to be brought up constantly in today's society.

What's your opinion? Fill me in, in the comments.

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