Plights of Survivors in War...

December 20, 2013
By ohana.d PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
ohana.d PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
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We have heard a lot about different wars and conflicts erupted in different parts of the world, but to what extend do we know its aftermath?The soldiers who went out to the battles were infused with energy and filled with patriotism. They forget and leave behind everything to fight for the sovereign motherland. But they aren't really aware of its consequences and the probability of survival. The brutality and futility of war is portrayed by the physical and mental trauma undergone by the survivors of the war. It is after the war that the survivors realize their youthful vigor and vitality has been shattered and reduced and it has rendered them victims. The complacent attitude of the non combatants towards war itself gives misleading hope to the soldiers when they themselves do not know the fate and adverse journey traveled by these despised, broken hearts. The tragedy of war is illustrated by loss of lives, death and destruction, disillusionment and neurasthenia. The horrors of the battle, memories of friends, cowed subjection and dreams that drip with blood of murder all haunt them throughout the days and nights of their lives, killing them little by little. They went out grim and glad but came back like children with eyes filled with hatred and madness. The government can provide better medical aid and technological help and we can give them mental support and respect. But to what extent is it really going to be fruitful? The plights of the survivors leaves behind a message to be reflected, to be pondered upon- is war the only solution to retain the goodness of humanity?

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inspired by the poem Survivors by Siegfried Sassoon...

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