A Proposal To Stop Emergency Services

December 15, 2013
I don’t feel as though anyone would hate to get rid of late night wake ups. All I ask is for Emergency services (police, ambulance and fire departments) to stop arresting/helping people from the hours of 12am-8am, you know an agreed quiet time. I see where flaws may arise, but hear me out. Sleep is important for everyone, whether it be a College student, an elementary school student or even an adult getting ready for work in the morning. The constant blaring of sirens at night is keeping everyone up. The benefits of creating these quiet hours, would highly outweigh any problems.
I’m not asking for a complete stopping of arrest, just to let people be. Through a recent sleep study, it has been proven that somebody who is sleep deprived feel the same way as someone with a blood alcohol level of .04%. It’s been proven alcohol increases violent and aggressive tendency’s in a person. What these cops are doing by keeping us up, is creating more violence. Maybe if these “criminals” had a bit more sleep they would know better. It has been proven that the correct amount of sleep, will increase decision making skills and improve attitude. By not arresting people past midnight and before 8 am, you would lower the crime rate at night. How could you not support such an idea? Erasing crime from the night would also prove to help the kids, how could you want to hurt the kids?
You might argue that halting ambulance and fire department services could put lives in harm. But you must realize, there are not enough jobs as it is. This is resulting in a declining economy and standard of living. Disabling emergency services at night could work as a form of population control, lowering the amount of people competing for jobs. If everyone is employed, the economy shall reach equilibrium and we will experience prosperity. Jobs will open up and it is proven that when a person has a job, they are less likely to commit crimes. Life around Salem would become better for all.
It is proven that a child needs over 10 hours of sleep a day to grow up and be good, non-criminal citizens. Disrupted sleep patterns can hurt children, Dr. Eric Ohnemus stated “Disrupted sleep patterns can lower IQ by up to 35 points.” This is an outrageous number. How can you expect a child to be healthy and smart, if you wake them up in the middle of the night? To regulate brain function, a child needs ample sleep. The extra sleep that could be gained, would improve performance of the children drastically. This would cause an increase in test grades, all around the area. With higher test scores, the schools would gain more funding and a higher reputation. The kids in Salem could be given opportunities they have never had before. With such prestigious schools, they could graduate and go to any Ivy League school they want, instead of being forced into the Salem State life. The turnaround of the children would prove beneficial in years to come. When they grow up, there would be no reason for them to take part in crime. That’s the beauty of education, this wouldn’t only prove to be beneficial for the kids, but the area as a whole. They would grow up to be better parents and have more successful lives.
Think about the adults that have to wake up at 5 am for work. Since they are woken up so often by sirens, they cannot work to their full potential. This causes some of them to be fired, so they need to make money. 75% of convicted criminals are unemployed (Salem Police). If these people could just get enough sleep to be well rested and do a better job at work, they wouldn’t have to commit crime at night. If we can just let people sleep and preform to their highest ability, the trickle down would eventually snuff out crime. Allowing them to commit crime at night, while people are sleeping, would allow them to have more money, so they won’t have to hurt people during the day. This stop in unnecessary violence would prove to help the city. Not having a job also hurts the criminals, they’ve been proven to have lower confidence because of unemployment. How are they supposed to become employed with such low confidence? If the police would spend less money trying to arrest them at night, and tried to help them get good jobs instead, Salem would be a much better place.
I consider this proposal only for the betterment of the area. I am not trying to allow crime to happen but for it to stop. With the right treatment, we could even get crime to stop all together.
The average cost to taxpayers to arrest someone is around $6,000. When you think of that added to the salary of the cops who work at night. All of this money that is saved, could be taken and put back into the community. By first improving the surrounding area, you would lower the crime rates. All of the saved money could go into schools and creating jobs, which would help to eliminate crime. It would also lower taxes, giving people more expendable income, which would intern spur our economy. With our economy the way it is now, you can never expect crime to slow down. If this idea was taken country wide, it could close the debt deficit and cause our great country to rise and be the best superpower in the world. I know we may already be the best, but we must strive for more. Imagine a country of well rested, educated, non-criminals. We’d have the highest standard of living and more money than anyone, all over a minor change. Though Rainbow Terrace is the perfect place to initially implement the plan, but soon it will be spread countrywide.
Once people begin to see the positive effects, they will have more trust in their government. This will be when real drastic measures can be taken to speed up the positive change of our country. The government will begin to systematically install chips into the American public. It will force people to sleep from 10pm-8am on weekdays and 12am-10am on weekends. Of course work schedules would need to be changed to adapt to the new times of quiet hours. This measure would make sure that no crime could happen at night and everybody gets a consistent good night sleep. Dr. Phil Cheshire sees this as being a healthy and smart measure, “Well rested individuals are more productive and well behaved than sleep deprived.”. There would of course be certain, important people (mostly military) who would be paid to stay up and keep an eye on the country. This will ensure we stay safe in the night.
Our country spends over $700 billion dollars on the military every year. This means we have the capabilities to take over any country we want, especially if we have a well-rested race of superior soldiers. We can ask other countries to follow suit with us, but it is doubtful they will comply. That is why we will have to take over every country in the world, using all of our nukes as a tool of intimidation. Then we will become a combined people, under the United States of Earth. Wealth will be equally distributed through the world and everyone will be programmed to sleep a correct amount every night. Soon everyone will evolve into a smart uni-race that can live peacefully and happily together. People will continue to get smarter and soon there will be no use for emergency services.
When the world’s smartest scientist work together, they will quickly find a way to sustain life on other planets. Now instead of practicing population control, we can send all of the extra people to the bio domes on Mars and Venus. This will sustain a healthy world economy and produce a happy earth. All of our problems will be taken care of and we can function as an advanced, utopia.

Before you make your decision to support my plan, I want you to picture this. After a long day of stressful classes, past due projects and preparing for finals, a student finally crawls into bed. Naturally, he immediately drifts off. Everything is going fine, until someone decided to break the law, past bedtime. The cop sirens come blaring, lights flashing everywhere, they are at rainbow terrace again, surprise! The poor SSU student is woken at 2:30am, only to utter “I have an 8am, why?!!!” If this doesn’t move you to support this momentous proposal, I don’t know what will.
I repeat, this idea is for the betterment of our country as a whole. Area wide quiet hours would improve quality of life and as I have proven, will cause drastic changes for the betterment of humanity

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