What I hate

October 4, 2013
I hate it when people stand and talk forever to the cashier at the store, I hate long lines that never move, and I hate rain at an outdoor wedding. I hate the clouds at night that hide the stars, I hate bruises and scars, and I hate wars and unnecessary violence. I hate people who are ignorant on purpose and people who only think about themselves. I hate our government who only thinks about money and how much money we have when there are more important things to deal with. I hate when people argue with me about an opinion I have the right to make. I hate when kids make fun of and bully other kids because they said the word “attentively” wrong. I hate our society today and its focus on what we should look like and what we should be instead of being ourselves. I hate that people refuse to see that everything ends. I hate the thought of “living forever”, I hate the thought of dying alone, I hate when someone of authority points you out. I hate the thought of public humility. I hate the people who say they believe in something but refuse to stand up for what they believe in. I hate loud crowds of people and parents who don’t care where their baby cries. I hate abusers of power and money. I hate how people are killed because they are different. There isn’t enough paper in the world to explain what I hate.

I love when a father plays catch with his son; I love a clear night under the stars. I love the gentle breeze through the trees and a sunrise all alone. I love to see a happy old couple sitting on a park bench and the feeling of never-ending love. I love the thought of a bright, sunny, outdoor wedding and a nap in a hammock on a summer day. I love it when a girl accepts herself for who she is and doesn’t judge herself for who she should be. I love a baby’s laugh, and how small they feel when you hold them. I love a family who gets by on their own with barely any money because they appreciate the simple things. I love when people can understand why I have the opinions that I have. I love the smell of a blooming rose and the smell of the salty air by the sea. I love when a soldier comes home alive and when there are no wars to worry about. I love the smell of old book pages and the sounds of them being turned. I love to see kindness to a stranger and help to the elderly. I love to see a puppy sleeping in the sun on an old front porch. I love when people come together in happiness. I love when a country can live contently and simply. I love when people are accepted as who they are. I love the thought of dying happy. I love the sound of waves crashing against the shore. I love taste of chocolate and cold water running down my throat. I love a field of wildflowers and how they flow in the wind. I love what most have forgotten and hate what most love. I suppose it is the way of life, the way of people, and the way of the world. But I love what I love and that will never change.

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boundlesswildflower said...
Oct. 10, 2013 at 2:01 pm
I really like this piece!!! Its so passionate i can actually see mayself hating/loving those things even though I might not. ONe suggestion would be to take some of the "I hate" to make it more mysterious for the reader. So your hinting, but other than that awesome!!! *sry for the long comment :)
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