Unchangeable Wishes

September 27, 2013
By , Evanston, IL
There are a lot of things that we can’t control in life. The currency, other people’s opinions, our attention span. Sometimes it’s little things, the thoughts that you just keep on thinking whenever you see someone who’s “prettier than you”. Like, when you see a stupid girl who has those ripped jeans that you’ve sort of thought about getting but then pushed out of your mind, you get pretty pissed, like Hey, man, I thought of getting those first! But then you realize, she got them first, because you didn’t do anything. You didn’t go and buy those jeans, you just stuck to your granny panties and Gap Leggings. Sure, you’ve trendsetted a few times, you’ve been called ultra gorgeous, but each time someone out-do’s you, those things just happen to escape your mind.

You don’t want to try too hard to be a trend setter because you know that would be trying too hard. You know it would make you desperate, like those two girls on Instagram who only post artsy pictures of them hugging trees with stupid music quotes that have nothing to do with it. It’s honestly like a picture of them doing just that, hugging a tree, with the lyrics to The Wheels on The Bus. Picture after picture after picture. Woah, they’re on a fence. Woah, that effect is totally not the same as the past six pictures. Woah, she’s wearing a ball gown. It gets old quick, and is trying too much.

There are always those things that are just out of reach. Your desired weight, your dream height. Stupid things, things that should be what you are proud of, but your not. Your not proud that you’re a little bit thicker than your best friend, you’re not proud that your pretty much the only one with braces of your friends, the only one whose parents didn’t get you Invisalign, you’re not proud that you are still considered a child in every single restaurant when they hand you a Kids Menu, you’re not proud that there will always be someone older than you, no matter what, who still treats you like you’re eleven. You can’t grow taller, look older, get thinner without staying true to yourself. Of course, you can wear heels, get plastic surgery and become a bulimic, but what good does that do you? It changes you. Everything changes you.

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