Always Hungry

September 16, 2013
By Anonymous

Always Hungry

My life is very different from other kids in the US. Their daily schedule is to go to school, go home, do homework, and go to after school activities. Mine? It is to find ways to receive food. I was born into a family where working hard all day doesn’t give you enough money to buy food. I didn’t get to choose the family I got. I’m not saying I don’t like them but yes, I do wish everyday that we could afford enough food. There are so many people out there who waste their food but yet still go home to a full kitchen. Not me. I eat every little crumb, but yet I still find myself hungry. I know my family is working hard to get food but it will never be enough. I didn’t choose the education my parents got. I didn’t choose the amount of money they make. The only choice I have is to work hard to get a better education so I am not struggling to provide for the family I’ll have later on. There are so many people who will never experience the pain I go through. My whole life, everyday, revolves around getting food for my family and I. Yes, we are still alive but I don’t want to be relying on other people my entire life. I want to live a good life where my kids don’t need to worry about hunger every day. Many people don’t seem to realize that families inside the US are struggling with hunger, that’s because they never hear about it. It’s not taught in schools and it’s never on television, but it is still happening. Most kids in the US are able to go shopping every weekend with their friends and get Starbucks and what not, but that’s something I’ve never experienced. Aside from homework, I try to find ways to work to get money even though I am still a child. I am stressed out at school just thinking about what I am going to do to try and get money. I go to school every day with my homework and school supplies. No snacks, no lunch, no money. Most kids go to school with a snack, a lunch, and money. See a difference? Most of my friends don’t have anything either. When we are lucky, teachers will bring in food from their house or food they collected outside of school. I love those days because I actually get to eat! Most people like to spend their money on clothes and not on life sustaining items, they rarely ever think of using that money on hungry kids and their families. I wish our country would care enough to all pitch in a dollar or two just so we could go a day without starving. I don’t expect that to ever happen but that is my dream in life. Most kids’ dreams are to become a famous athlete or a veterinarian but mine is to not have to worry when and where my next meal will come from.

The author's comments:
I have this as an English assignment and I need some kind of feedback to get full credit for this essay, please help! Any kind of feedback will help! (:

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