Fast and Furious

September 4, 2013
Greed. At cost of life?
Dominoes promises delivery in 30 minutes. Great, isn't it? We keep a constant watch on time and even a minute late treats us with FREE pizza. Well, for a change, lets throw light on something that is out of our vision. RASH DRIVING. The delivery boys rash drive on cost of their lives to abide by the 30 minutes scheme. Well ofcourse, thats because its deducted from their salary.
What about safety?
What about right to live?
Being the concerned citizens of India, lets raise a voice against this scheme. Lets save lives. Lets give a hault to rash driving. Lets spread this thought like an inferno and make a difference. Lets be humans. Let the humanity not die. Let the people not die. Afterall, the people are wealth of the nation and clearly not a box of pizza, agree?

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